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Government in Sudan

  • South Sudan: Peace Deal Reached With ‘Arrow Boys’

    SOUTH SUDAN, 2015/11/20 “This is a millstone today to see that the two parties from the government and South Sudan National Liberation Movement have signed a preliminary peace agreement to end the suffering of the citizens of Western Equatoria national”, said Monsignor Eduard Hiiboro, Bishop of the diocese of Tombura-Yambio with a key mediating role, defining the signing of a peace transaction yesterday in Yabio County. The government and South Sudan National Liberation Movement (SSNLM) committed to end fighting to allow the return home and to the fields of thousands forced to flee. The SSNLM gained consensus on a local level due as well to violations and abuses committed by Juba’s military. The armed wing of the movement consists in units of “arrow boys”, which are based in the bush and forests.
  • Sudan is to go ahead with general elections in April

    SUDAN, 2014/08/07 Sudan is to go ahead with general elections in April, the agency in charge of the ballot confirmed Wednesday, despite opposition concerns that the vote is being imposed. It is still unclear whether President Omar al-Bashir will stand for re-election, 25 years next he seized power in an Islamist-backed coup. He is wanted by the International Criminal Court for alleged war crimes in war-torn Darfur. The vote for president, national and national legislators and for governors will be only the second since the coup.
  • Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir with the new Vice President Hassabo Mohamed Abdel Rahman

    SUDAN, 2013/12/11 Sudan’s new government has vowed that it will stop civil wars and fulfil an economic transformation in the country. Next being sworn in before Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir on Monday, the vice president, Mr Hassabo Abdel Rahman disclosed that the government will bring all the rebels to the negotiation table and open direct talks in order to bring peace in the all parts of the country during 2014. He called on all the rebels in Darfur, South Kordofan and Blue Nile states to join the peace process without any preconditions and under any umbrella or mediation they want.
  • African governments review growing energy and food subsidies

    BOTSWANA, 2013/06/20 African government deficits, while low by historical standards, has been creeping up as aid and remittances dip, and counter-cyclical interventions rack up in response to the effects of the financial crisis. Combined with a rising food and fuel import bill, governments are presently looking for savings. Energy and food subsidies are increasingly being reviewed.
  • Sudan Formally Accepts AU Mediation Proposal to Defuse Tensions With Juba

    SOUTH SUDAN, 2013/06/17 The Sudanese government has officially announced its acceptance of proposals made by the chief of the African Union High-level Implementation Panel (AUHIP), Thabo Mbeki aimed at bridging the gap with Juba. The foreign ministry spokesperson Abu-Bakr al-Sideeq Mohamed al-Amin said that Sudan has informed the AUHIP it does not object to its proposals for solving the problems facing the implementation of cooperation agreements.
  • Mideast Issues High On IMF Agenda

    EGYPT, 2013/05/07 The challenges facing Arab nations in transition -Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, and Yemen-were a focal point for policymakers during the 2013 IMF-World Bank Spring Meetings in Washington last week. The meetings brought together ministers and top officials inclunding representatives of civil society, media, academia, and the private sector from amount over the world to discuss the critical issues facing the world economy, with Middle East issues high on the schedule. Along with discussions with country delegations, IMF officials participated in regional and world forums with a focus on the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).
  • Arab League Economic Cooperation a Fantasy

    JORDAN, 2013/03/31 Though international politics may be taking precedent at the March 25 Arab League summit, there are some fundamental Arab realities that have remained constant.
  • President Mohamed Morsy

    EGYPT, 2013/01/14 President Mohamed Morsy has received an invitation to visit the Sudan. The invitation from the Sudanese President was conveyed by Sudanese Foreign Minister Ali Karti. Ambassador Essam Awad Metwalli, the director of Egypt's Department at the Sudanese Foreign Ministry said the visit will help develop bilateral relations in the various domains.