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Government in Liberia

  • George Weah elected Liberian president

    LIBERIA, 2017/12/30 With nearly all ballots from Tuesday's run-off vote counted, Mr Weah is well ahead of opponent Joseph Boakai with additional than 60% of the vote. As news of Mr Weah's victory emerged, his supporters began celebrating in the capital Monrovia. He will succeed Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Africa's initial elected female president, in Liberia's initial democratic handover in decades. "My fellow Liberians, I deeply feel the emotion of all the country," Mr Weah wrote on Twitter next the results were announced.
  • Liberia: Weaah, Boakai up for runoff

    LIBERIA, 2017/10/16 With 74 % of total votes in the October presidential election tallied, it is obvious that the two frontrunners, George Manneh Weagh of the opposition Coalition for Democratic Change and Joseph Nyumah Boakai of the ruling Unity Party are poised to go for a runoff.According to the results announced Saturday by National Elections Commission (NEC) Chairman Jerome Korkoya, Weah accumulated 441,830 or 39.2 % of the 1,193,331 votes tallied, while Joseph Boakai obtained 334,162 or 29.6 % of the votes.
  • After stability under Sirleaf, Liberians long for more from next leader

    LIBERIA, 2017/10/09 As Liberia goes to the polls on Tuesday, some see ex-footballer George Weah as the man to provide jobs and proper housing.
  • The State of the Race - It Is George Weah's to Lose

    LIBERIA, 2017/08/23 The soccer icon has shown he is better prepared in these elections than most people expected, accoding to political consultant, Robin Lee Tarpeh. Tarpeh says Weah has been able to "plan properly and raise [additional] resources for his campaign". Presently that campaigning for the 2017 elections have finally open, there is a need for us, the pundits, to assess the race and provide our perspectives as to where things stand. Without going any further let me clarify that these elections will produce no "dark horses"; the winners are known candidates.
  • Liberian Supreme Court justices and President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

    LIBERIA, 2017/08/11 A legal wrangle between the lower home of Liberia's National Legislature and the Supreme Court heightened Thursday at the same time as the Home of Representatives rejected a motion for prohibition filed by the supreme Court against impeachment proceedings by the Home of Representatives The hardly-contentious affair recorded 27 votes in favor, four against and two abstentions.
  • Liberian Security Forces Train for Upcoming Elections

    LIBERIA, 2017/08/11 Ahead of the October 10 2017 general elections, security personnel are participating in a series of training sessions in electoral security with support of the multi-donor basket fund in cooperation with the Liberia National Police and the National Elections Commission. The training which is sponsored by the United Nations Development Programme, European Union, Ireland, Sweden and Canada was meant to boost the capacity of the National Elections Commissions so that peaceful elections are held. Security is a key component in credible elections and police officers are taking part in a number of modules that will increase their considerate of best practice electoral policing, assist police manage the demands of Election Day policing and enhance considerate of electoral procedures in ranks.
  • ISS Today: Of businessmen, technocrats and politicos – the race for Liberia’s presidency

    LIBERIA, 2017/03/07 In October 2017, for the initial time in over half a century, Liberians will participate in the peaceful transfer of power between a living president and an elected successor. A compelling cast of businessmen, technocrats and career politicians are jockeying to replace incumbent Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Over the 11 years of her presidency, she may have stabilised Liberia’s transition from war to peace, but she failed to deliver on the promises of economic prosperity and social justice that would have provided a foundation for that peace to be sustainable.
  • Macdella Cooper has become the first woman to indicate interest in contesting the 2017 Liberia presidential elections

    LIBERIA, 2016/11/02 Liberia made history at the same time as it elected Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as Africa’s initial female chief of national in the country’s 2005 presidential elections. As President Sirleaf nears the end of her second term in office, Liberians are preparing to chief to the polls again for the 2017 elections. The West African country could once again make history by becoming the initial country in the world to elect a female president to succeed an extra one.
  • Chenoweth Out - Who Fills Void At Liberia's Agriculture Ministry?

    LIBERIA, 2015/09/07 Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf says she has accepted the resignation of her controversial Agriculture Minister Dr. Florence Chenoweth. Responding to a FrontPageAfrica inquiry Tuesday, the President, speaking through her press secretary Jerolinmek Piah confirmed that she has indeed accepted Chenoweth's resignation and explained that the only reason it had not been made public is because she is still in the process of finding a successor. It is unclear whether the Minister was asked to resign or left on her own. Haunted by '79 Rice Riots Chenoweth who was appointed in 2009, endured a turbulent six-year run as Minister. Her appointment instantly resurrected concerns about her previous stint as Minister of Agriculture. While serving in that capacity in the government of President William R. Tolbert, Chenoweth in early 1979 made a presentation to the cabinet for an increase in the subsidized price of rice from US$22 for a 100-pound bag to US$26.
  • African governments review growing energy and food subsidies

    BOTSWANA, 2013/06/20 African government deficits, while low by historical standards, has been creeping up as aid and remittances dip, and counter-cyclical interventions rack up in response to the effects of the financial crisis. Combined with a rising food and fuel import bill, governments are presently looking for savings. Energy and food subsidies are increasingly being reviewed.