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Government in Zambia

  • Zambia: President Lungu Declares State of Emergency

    ZAMBIA, 2017/07/07 President Edgar Lungu has declared a National of Emergency by invoking Article 31 of the Zambian constitution. "There is no doubt perpetrators of this act is to make the country ungovernable. As president, I will not tolerate this lawslessness," he said in a national address on both radio and television.
  • Lungu inauguration next week

    ZAMBIA, 2016/09/06 The winner of Zambia’s presidential election will be inaugurated next week next the Constitutional Court dismissed a petition challenging his election, a senior official said yesterday. President-elect Edgar Lungu, who was declared winner of the August 11 general elections, will be inaugurated on September 13, according to Secretary to the Cabinet Roland Msiska. Msiska said in a statement that the inauguration ceremony will be held at the National Heroes Stadium in Lusaka, directing organising committees to commence preparations for the ceremony.
  • Zambia: President Issues Special Security Order After Riots

    ZAMBIA, 2016/04/29 Zambia’s President Edgar Lungu has issued a appropriate operational order to the security services to replace law and order in some parts of the capital, Lusaka. This, the government says, is to stop the recent spate of ritual murders, which resulted in riots in some townships. The government as well says the riots led to rumors that were responsible for xenophobic attacks on foreigners, their businesses and property. Some Zambian youth attacked foreigners and their shops following rumors that the shop owners had been engaging in ritual murders, which enabled their businesses to flourish.
  • Zambia – 11 August set as election date; government scraps power price rise

    ZAMBIA, 2016/01/05 August 11 set as date for elections in Zambia as President Edgar Lungu, who plans to stand again, scraps sharp power price increase saying it is hurting the poor Zambia’s new constitution on Monday set August 11 as the date for five-yearly presidential and parliamentary elections, before set by the president, lining up an extra close vote next last year’s neck-and-neck race. As well on Monday, President Edgar Lungu, who plans to stand in the election, reversed a sharp increase in electricity tariffs, saying the hike had ended up hurting the poor, presidential spokesperson Amos Chanda said on Monday.
  • Zambia's poor see their hopes dashed in passing of President Sata

    ZAMBIA, 2014/11/03 He was a visionary leader, a authentic patriot, a firm supporter of equality and his tolerance ranged across all diversity, religion, class and gender. But, above all, President Michael Sata was known for his empathy for the extremely poor. Sata’s death has shocked and devastated the urban poor of this southern Africa country. They had great expectations in a leader who pledged to steer the country within the bounds of the biblical Ten Commandments as he strived to make a better life for the poor. “President Sata’s empathy for the poor was as well evidenced by his stance taken not to evict the street vendors despite several concerns raised by line ministries. He felt for the street vendors because they didn’t have any other means to support their families,' said a Lusaka resident. 'The street vendors are presently worried because President Sata tolerated them and were able to sell on the streets to earn a living. They don’t know if the next president will tolerate them.”
  • Zambians continue holding their breath for the release of final draft constitution

    ZAMBIA, 2014/10/14 Zambians who had hoped that the 2015 national budget would bring renewed hopes on the release of the delayed final draft constitution, presently have reservations as the resources allocated to the constitution process are meager compared to the work that needs to be done. Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda last Friday presented the 2015 national budget in which K29 million (approximately US$4.8 million) has been allocated to the constitution process, a measure seen by some political parties and civil society as a sign that the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) has no intention of releasing the draft document to the public any minute at this time.
  • President Sata fires Justice Minister

    ZAMBIA, 2014/08/31 Zambian President Michael Sata has fired Wynter Kabimba as Justice Minister and as well dropped him as Secretary General of the ruling Patriotic Front. President Sata’s Appropriate Assistant for Press and Public Relations George Chellah announced in a statement issued here Thursday that Defence Minister Edgar Lungu becomes the new party Secretary General and Minister of Justice, in addition to his portfolio. Divisions in the ruling Patriot Front (PF) have emerged following speculations about the health of President Sata, who has not been seen in public for over two months, and some senior PF officials are said to be positioning themselves for possible presidential elections.
  • Zambian President authentic nature of his visit to Israel.

    ISRAEL, 2014/06/26 As Zambian President Michael Sata on Sunday started his working holiday in Israel, opposition political parties here have kept the pressure on government to tell the country the truth about the health of the President inclunding the authentic nature of his visit to Israel. Acting Data Minister and government chief spokesperson, Mwansa Kapeya, on Sunday announced that President Sata had arrived in the Israeli capital, Tel Aviv, on a working holiday at the invitation of outgoing Israeli President, Shimon Peres. Kapeya, who is Lands Minister, disclosed that Sata was accompanied to Israel by Initial Lady Christine Kaseba Sata and other senior government officials.
  • Zambian President Michael Sata

    ZAMBIA, 2014/01/10 Zambian President Michael Sata says it is unfortunate that the constitution-making process has been hijacked by individuals whose objective is to embarrass, humiliate and politically undermine the sovereign will of the masses. President Sata said Wednesday that the recent biased political manoeuvres surrounding the process confirm the ill-intentions of the persons at the helm of this misplaced crusade. “Right from the start, this government has been dedicated to the process, no wonder the committee handling the matter was left without any interference. But it’s clear that the well intended process has been hijacked to embarrass, humiliate and politically undermine the will and interest of the majority of Zambians,” President Sata said in a statement released by National Home.
  • Foreign Affairs Minister Effron Lungu

    ZAMBIA, 2013/08/15 Zambian President Michael Sata has sacked Foreign Affairs Minister Effron Lungu with immediate result and restored him with Minister of Lands, Environment and Natural Resources Wylbur Simuusa. Presidential spokesman George Chellah said a replacement for Simuusa has not from presently on been named, the national-run Zambia Daily Mail reported Wednesday.