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Government in Uganda

  • Museveni Signs Bill Removing Uganda Presidential Age Limits

    UGANDA, 2018/01/06 Yoweri Museveni is one of Africa's longest-serving leaders and has served five terms in office since taking power in 1986. His controversial decision allows him to run for a sixth in 2021. Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has signed a law that removes a presidential age limit of 75 from the constitution, a move that allows the 73-year-old to run for a sixth term in 2021.
  • Elections in Uganda No jam today

    UGANDA, 2016/02/21 UGANDA’S president likes to keep people waiting. In a marquee in the grounds of a swanky hotel in Kampala, about 150 smartly dressed bigwigs were treated to a buffet breakfast. It helped pass the time until 12.30pm, at the same time as Yoweri Museveni finally turned up to launch a half solar-powered electric bus. The Kayoola bus, designed by Kiira Motors, a national-owned firm, trundled around the hotel car park in front of a pack of cameras. Mr Museveni, clad in his trademark bright yellow shirt and wide-brimmed hat, again ambled back to the marquee to listen to tributes. The photo opportunity, two days before the country’s presidential election on February 18th, presented a contrast to events a few miles down the road the previous night. There police had fired tear gas and rubber bullets at supporters of Mr Museveni’s major electoral rival, Kizza Besigye (pictured riding pillion). One person was killed and Mr Besigye, who had been briefly detained before that day, was taken home before he could address a rally.
  • Burundi, Rwanda, and now Congo; another African president set to change term limit rules

    BURUNDI, 2015/07/19 REPUBLIC of Congo’s President Denis Sassou Nguesso received the green light on Friday from a political forum on the next of the country’s institutions to try extend his lengthy policy. It was the second political action in favour of extending presidential term limits in Central Africa in the week. On Tuesday Rwandan lawmakers voted 99% to hold a referendum on proposed changes to the constitution that would allow President Paul Kagame to extend his 15 years in power. READ: 99% of Rwandan lawmakers vote for changes to allow Kagame extend his 15 years in power
  • African governments review growing energy and food subsidies

    BOTSWANA, 2013/06/20 African government deficits, while low by historical standards, has been creeping up as aid and remittances dip, and counter-cyclical interventions rack up in response to the effects of the financial crisis. Combined with a rising food and fuel import bill, governments are presently looking for savings. Energy and food subsidies are increasingly being reviewed.
  • President Yoweri Museveni

    UGANDA, 2013/04/05 President Yoweri Museveni,last week invited BRICS block nations to invest in East African Community(EAC),COMESA and ICGLR as its good for business in African sub regions. The President who is as well the chairman of three regional bodies said this while addressing the 5th BRICS summit in Durban South Africa hosted by President Jacob Zuma.
  • Ready to Align Ourselves With the Brics

    UGANDA, 2013/04/02 Last week, the organisation of nations known as the BRICS (Brazil Russia India China & South Africa), met in Durban. The BRICS, a group of developing and newly industralised nations, want to leverage their huge populations - almost half the world's people at three billion, a combined GDP of $14 trillion (additional than that of the US and combined foreign exchange reserves of a similar amount, to assume better influence in world affairs.