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Stock Market / Finance in South Sudan

  • South Sudan: It's Time to Declare Bankruptcy, Bishops Urge Government

    SOUTH SUDAN, 2017/08/07 Bishop Edward Hiiboro Kussala President of Sudan Catholic Bishops Conference(SCBC) has challenged the government to declare itself bankrupt and seek bailout from the international community. This followed the government's failure to raise funds to host Independence Day celebrations, slated for July 9, for a third year running. "At the same time as a country can no longer pay the interest on its deficit or convince anyone to lend it money, it has reached bankruptcy. The majority obvious cause of this spotted national of bankruptcy of our beloved South Sudan includes civil war or financial mismanagement by the government," the bishop said in a statement on July 9 reportedCNS.
  • Prices Sour Amidst Foreign Currency Scarcity, South Sudan

    SOUTH SUDAN, 2015/01/06 Prices of items have risen in South Sudan's Jonglei national, with traders attributing it to scarcity of foreign currencies. Mohamed Adam, a Sudanese trader in Marol market said prices of items shot up by at least 50% since the advent of the festive season. "To me, the market is very good. To me as a trader, market is 100 % good but to the customers, they may have a different feeling because the prices are very high," Adam told Sudan Tribune. "The increase of prices was a result of dollar prices in the black market in Juba. $100 is between 580 to 620 [South Sudanese] pounds", he added. Most people, traders say, spent their money on clothes and shoes.
  • MF Board tips South Sudan on economic growth, development

    SOUTH SUDAN, 2014/12/20 South Sudan must urgently address the issue of peace and political inclusion to set the basis for increase and development, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Executive Board has advised on conclusion of the Fund's consultation with authorities in the country. The Directors noted that South Sudan faces formidable near-term challenges from the ongoing civil war, volatile relations with Sudan, large swings in oil production and prices, and weak institutions and governance. 'Against this background, Directors underscored the urgent need for measures to address fiscal imbalances, inclunding exchange rate unification, and stressed the importance of peace and political inclusion to set the basis for increase and development,' the IMF said in a statement it issued Thursday.