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Stock Market / Finance in Mauritania

  • Traders of African Development Bank (ADB) at the Stock Exchange

    EUROPEAN UNION, 2015/11/21 The Maghreb Bank for Investment and Foreign Trade (Bcmice) will be operational by the end of December in Tunis, Rabat Kouider Lahoila, expert of the direction of economic affairs at the Arab Maghreb Union (AMU), has announced. He stressed that UMA taking a concrete step in the financial sector signified evolution for it. This is good news for Maghreb states, businessmen and entrepreneurs who will thus gain access to a new funding source for their activities. The new bank, with a capital of 500 million dollars, will have as a fundamental mission to finance projects promoting common infrastructures for the five UMA member states - Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya and Mauritania - develop commercial exchanges within the Maghreb area, considering the strong potential of a market of 90 million consumers.
  • Mauritania good economic performance.

    MAURITANIA, 2013/06/24  The International Monetary Fund (IMF) announced it will loan Mauritania $16.9 million in view of its good economic performance. The IMF board of directors extended the credit as part of an economic and financial program, the international creditor made known in a note. Mauritania deserves the loan because it has restarted its economy, is keeping inflation under control, and has balanced its public finances. The country still faces ''elevated levels'' of poverty and unemployment however, the IMF added.