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Petroleum / Mining in Liberia

  • Africa rejects Europe's 'dirty diesel'

    BOTSWANA, 2017/05/04 Ghana and Nigeria are the first countries to respond to reports of European companies exploiting weak fuel standards in Africa. Stricter limits on the sulfur content of diesel will come into force on July 1. Governments in West Africa are taking action to stop the import of fuel with dangerously high levels of sulfur and other toxins. Much of the so-called "dirty diesel" originates in Europe, according to a report published by Public Eye, a Swiss NGO, last year. The report exposed what Public Eye calls the "illegitimate business" of European oil companies and commodities traders selling low quality fuel to Africa. While European standards prohibit the use of diesel with a sulfur content higher than 10 parts per million (ppm), diesel with as much as 3,000 ppm is regularly exported to Africa.
  • Beyond Commodities: How African Multinationals Are Transforming

    BOTSWANA, 2016/05/11 Oil, gold, diamonds, palm oil, cocoa, timber: raw materials have long been linked to Africa in a lot of businesspeople’s minds. And in fact the continent is highly dependent on commodities: they constitute as much as 95% of some nations’ export revenues, according to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. But propping a country’s entire economy on commodities is risky business, like building a mountainside home on stilts. You can’t be sure about the weather, or in this case the commodities market. The current free-fall of oil prices to less than $40 a barrel is a glaring example. “The commodities cycle has tanked out,” says Austin Okere, founder of Computer Warehouse Group (CWG), a Nigerian emerging multinational financial services company. “And this time it looks additional structural than cyclical, so it’s not a matter of waiting it out. Something has to give.”
  • Liberia is Plan to Resell Oil Block 16 Contract Exposed

    LIBERIA, 2015/01/02 Classified documents obtained by the Independent Authoritative Heritage reveal that there is a plan at foot by the Liberty Petroleum Corporation to resell Oil Block 16 Arrangement to a giant company at the expense of the Liberian people, most of whom, are living in abject poverty. It can be recalled that recently, the 53rd Legislature ratified the controversial Production Sharing Arrangement (PSC) of Liberia offshore Oil Block 16 between the Government of Liberia (GOL) and Liberty Petroleum Corporation Liberia Limited, Pillar Oil Limited and New Millennium Oil and Gas. The Legislature ratified the Block 16 Oil Arrangement few days next the Executive Branch of the GOL headed by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf forwarded the document to it.
  • Nationwide consultative tour on the draft oil laws of Liberia

    LIBERIA, 2013/11/23 The Press and Public Affairs Bureau of the Home of Representatives says, Speaker Alex Tyler at the chief of a high powered legislative delegation is in the Central Region of Liberia in continuation of the Nationwide consultative tour on the draft oil laws of Liberia. The Central Region, according to how the country is been divided by the Technical Committee of the tour, include Grand Bassa, Rivercess and Margibi Counties respectively. The tour is meant to solicit views of ordinary Liberians in the counties so as to enable the Legislature promulgate a people sensitive oil law of the national. The Central Region consultative conference started in Margibi County on Monday, and is currently ongoing in Cestor and Buchanan City, Rivercess and Grand Bassa Counties.
  • Statement of Intent Signed to Establish Liberia Chamber of Mines

    LIBERIA, 2013/11/23 Arcelor Mittal Liberia, Putu Iron Ore Mining and Western Cluster have signed a Statement of Intent to begin the process towards the establishment of Liberia's initial Chamber of Mines. The Liberia Chamber of Mines will operate as an umbrella organization for mining concessionaires in the Country. It will aim to protect the interests of its members, while encouraging, promoting and fostering increase in the mining industry of Liberia. In the mining sector, the Chamber will act as a voice on issues affecting the development and well-being of the sector; and provide advisory services to its members on sector-specific laws, regulations and policies.
  • Oil 'Protected for Next Generation' - Robert Sirleaf Liberia

    LIBERIA, 2013/10/02 When President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf appointed her son Robert Sirleaf to chair the board of the National Oil Company of Liberia (Nocal), there were cries of nepotism and corruption. In an industry where profits have often been used to benefit rulers and their families and cronies, that\\\'s not surprising. AllAfrica has carried numerous articles detailing complaints and accusations against the president and against Robert Sirleaf from the pages of Liberian news organizations, some of whose content is aggregated on this site. Last week in New York, where several events around the United Nations General Assembly involved Liberia, AllAfrica had an opportunity to interview Robert Sirleaf about his work at Nocal. He pointed out that as chair, he did not run the regulatory body.
  • Global gas consumption to increase by 4% in 2013

    BOTSWANA, 2012/12/25 World gas request is projected to reach 3,460.7 billion cubic meters (bcm) in 2013, constituting an increase of 3.6% from 3,341.4 bcm in 2012. North America's gas consumption is estimate to reach 890.3 bcm in 2013, equivalent to 25.7% of world request. It would be followed by Asia & Australia with 720.8 bcm (20.8%), Eastern Europe & the Commonwealth of Independent States with 587.4 bcm (17%), Western Europe with 533 bcm (15.4%), the Middle East with 445.7 bcm (12.9%),