Retail in Nigeria

  • Kenya’s Retail Economy More Formalised Than Nigeria’s, Says Nielsen

    KENYA, 2015/03/05 Kenya is the second most formalised retail economy in Africa next South Africa, a survey carried out by the New York Stock Exchange-listed research company, Nielsen has revealed. The consumer statement focusing on five sub-Saharan Africa economies, which was released on Monday, indicates that 30 % of Kenyans shop in proper retail outlets compared to 60 % in South Africa. The commercial powerhouse of East Africa is ranked ahead of Ghana which has only four % of its people patronising retail shops. It as well tops Cameroon and Nigeria, both of which have two % of shoppers visiting supermarkets.
  • Jumia, Africa’s largest and fastest-growing e-commerce retailer

    NIGERIA, 2013/03/10  Jumia, Africa’s major and fastest-growing e-commerce retailer announced today that it has received an investment of €20 million ($26 million) from leading increase equity investor Summit Partners. Summit Partners, a increase equity firm that invests in rapidly growing companies, will take a stake in Jumia through its German holding company, and Jumia will use the funds to further increase in Africa.