Retail in Kenya

  • Kenya’s retail sector on the rise

    KENYA, 2016/07/08 The arrival of new supermarket chains in Kenya highlights the potential of the country’s retail sector, though a congested project pipeline – concentrated largely in Nairobi – could result in a slowdown in retail rentals in the medium term. Nairobi – one of the major markets in sub-Saharan Africa in terms of shopping centre floor space – has seen a number of dedicated retail properties open up in the completed decade, with additional than 390,000 sq metres of gross leasable sector(GLA) by presently available, and a further 470,000 sq metres in the development pipeline.
  • Kenya’s Retail Economy More Formalised Than Nigeria’s, Says Nielsen

    KENYA, 2015/03/05 Kenya is the second most formalised retail economy in Africa next South Africa, a survey carried out by the New York Stock Exchange-listed research company, Nielsen has revealed. The consumer statement focusing on five sub-Saharan Africa economies, which was released on Monday, indicates that 30 % of Kenyans shop in proper retail outlets compared to 60 % in South Africa. The commercial powerhouse of East Africa is ranked ahead of Ghana which has only four % of its people patronising retail shops. It as well tops Cameroon and Nigeria, both of which have two % of shoppers visiting supermarkets.