Water in Eritrea

  • Construction of Eight Water Reservoirs Underway in Eritrea

    ERITREA, 2014/06/06 The Agriculture Ministry's branch in Nakfa sub-zone, Northern Red Sea region, indicated that construction of a total of 8 water reservoirs is underway with a view to conference the water request in the locality. Mr. Jabera Mohammed Ali, chief of the branch office, disclosed that availability of such facility would solve the prevailing water shortage in the locality. In connection with a tour she made in the sub-zone, Ms. Tsigereda Woldegiorgis, Administrator of the region, pointed out that commendable efforts are being exerted towards securing additional water supply on the basis of construction of ponds and micro-dams.
  • Eritrea Impressive Accomplishment Registered Regarding Soil and Water Conservation

    ERITREA, 2013/08/22 The Education Ministry's branch in Barentu sub-zone indicated that impressive accomplishment has been registered regarding soil and water conservation on the basis of the SWP, besides the collection of annual tax for television service. Mr. Habtom Gebreyesus, coordinator of the venture, disclosed that the Program is aimed at backing national development endeavors and nurturing the norm of work part the young generation. He further lauded the active role of the participants. Part the participants, Mohammed Saleh, Fireweini Tesfai, Marco Abayu and Nebiat Gebreyesus explained that the undertaking involves groundwork for exchange of experience, and expressed satisfaction with taking part in it.
  • Inhabitants of Begu Administrative Area Express Satisfaction With Water Supply

    ERITREA, 2013/05/12 The inhabitants of Begu Administrative area have expressed satisfaction with water supply, which attained the desired level following the endeavors made to enrich water resources in the area, inclunding the construction of ponds along Tinqulahas Escarpment. Part the inhabitants, Mr. Gebremeskel Araya and Mr. Melake Gebre indicated that they used to face major challenges in connection with water scarcity, and that they are instantly in a position to fasten ample water supply, inclunding for livestock.
  • Africa : Universal Access to Water and Sanitation

    BOTSWANA, 2013/04/02 Access to safe and clean drinking water and sanitation is a universal human right and central to human wellbeing and development. From presently on 780 million people still receive drinking water from unimproved sources and 2.5 billion people continue to live without access to improved sanitation facilities. IDS' work on water and sanitation has been looking at what additional needs to be done, particularly through a new set of post 2015 development goals, to ensure that this right is enjoyed by amount.