Water in Mauritius

  • Africa : Universal Access to Water and Sanitation

    BOTSWANA, 2013/04/02 Access to safe and clean drinking water and sanitation is a universal human right and central to human wellbeing and development. From presently on 780 million people still receive drinking water from unimproved sources and 2.5 billion people continue to live without access to improved sanitation facilities. IDS' work on water and sanitation has been looking at what additional needs to be done, particularly through a new set of post 2015 development goals, to ensure that this right is enjoyed by amount.
  • Water Crisis

    MAURITIUS, 2013/01/08 Each year in December, water supply in several parts of the country is severely disrupted because, according to the CWA, rainfall is deficient. To address this problem, some people are proposing that desalination plants should be built and additional rivers should be dammed to create new reservoirs. However, I am of the view that with the present number of reservoirs and boreholes under exploitation, water supply in Mauritius is sufficient to meet request additional economically.
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