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Manufacturing in Mauritius

  • Mauritius Clothing manufacturers

    MAURITIUS, 2013/01/08 Clothing manufacturers have shed jobs and invested in technology in order to climb the price chain and avoid being crushed by low-cost competition from Asia. Like the sugar industry, which has suffered from changes in regulation and increased international competition, Mauritian textile companies have had to restructure their operations in the completed decade to address rising threats and benefit from new opportunities.
  • The textile industry in Mauritius

    MAURITIUS, 2012/09/08 In a move that will benefit the textile industry in Mauritius, a key committee in the U.S. Senate voted last Wednesday to renew an expiring Africa trade provision that has boosted Mauritian clothing exports to the United States over the completed 10 years. The Senate Finance Committee agreed to extend a provision of the African Increase and Opportunity Act (AGOA) that waives duties on garments from AGOA beneficiary nations that are made with inexpensive yarn imported from a "third country" like China, India or Vietnam.