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Renewable energy in Egypt

  • More than 85% of MENA land can generate Solar electricity 2012-09-19

    BAHRAIN, 2012/09/19 We often hear about the Middle East and North Africa’s (MENA) centrality in world energy markets as it is home to extra than 52 and 42 % of world reserves of oil and gas respectively. The region is as well responsible for extra than 36 and 20 % of world oil and gas production.   Nevertheless, MENA is as well the world leader in other aspects of the energy markets, namely energy use and energy intensity (i.e. energy use per $1,000 of output). Between 1981 and 2009 these grew faster in MENA than any other region. Furthermore, the gap between MENA and other regions is significant(Figure 1). This is especially true in energy intensity, which saw negative increase rates in amount regions during 1981-2009, except for MENA.