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Renewable energy in Tanzania

  • This $6 a month solar energy plan could power a million homes in Africa by 2017

    MALAWI, 2016/07/04 The biggest obstacle to powering off-grid homes is infrastructure. The problem, specifically in sparsely populated areas, is a lack of power lines. Without lines going to a remote power grid, a lot of communities lack the access they need to electricity. Entire villages can remain dark. But there are ways around that. A startup called Off-Grid Electric is looking to use cheap rooftop solar panels for energy in rural parts of Africa, instead of building expensive infrastructure.
  • Building the region’s largest solar system

    TANZANIA, 2015/12/12 In 2003, nine-year-old George Mtemahanji left his home in Ifakara, a small rural town in Tanzania’s Kilombero District, to move to Italy where his mother had managed to fasten work. It was eight years before he was able to return to his birth town, and he was surprised to see it faced the same problems it had at the same time as he left. Key to this was the district’s energy challenges. A lack of reliable electricity had in a lot of ways pushed the brakes on development and prevented local industries from reaching their full potential. For Mtemahanji, Ifakara had not changed in eight years. “Some days you had electricity and the next day not. One day of energy, the day next – none. And blackouts, so a lot of blackouts,” he recalled.
  • As world leaders gathered at the UN headquarters in New York,

    TANZANIA, 2014/09/29 As world leaders gathered at the UN headquarters in New York, US, for the Climate Summit, Tanzanian dailies this week highlight actions being taken to address the world problem. In its editorial, titled 'Time is of the essence as Africa grapples with climate change', The Citizen said: 'No country is immune to the impact of climate change but it is the world’s poorest that will be hit the hardest. A equitable and inclusive world agreement to combat climate change is a moral imperative.' According to the daily, world leaders gathered in New York for the Climate Summit in an attempt to breathe new life into climate talks, which are presently approaching their 21st round. 'With the Kyoto Protocol deadline fast approaching,' The Citizen said, 'it remains to be seen how much international support Africa can leverage to advance its schedule.'
  • Geothermal energy development in Rift Valley countries

    BURUNDI, 2013/09/06 In its bid to assist African Rift Valley nations in the development of geothermal energy resource, the African Union Commission (AUC) and the Icelandic International Development Agency (ICEIDA) have signed a memorandum of considerate for cooperation in the field. According to the agreement initialed by the two parties here Wednesday, the AUC and ICEIDA will work together to develop and implement geothermal energy policy inclunding investment , regulatory and institutional guidelines, part other areas, in eleven African Rift Valley countries
  • Solar Power Boosts Academic Excellence At Rural Schools

    TANZANIA, 2013/07/02 It's 12:30pm as an emergency bell rings at Mtunduru Secondary School in Ikungi district's Sepuka division in Singida region. Students respond hurriedly by converging at the assembly ground where the School Headmaster, Mr Eliamini Muna, introduces to them the visiting journalists-- thereafter the school timetable continues. Some students convene in a huge room in the government block, each with a pen and an exercise book.
  • Tanzania: U.S Firm Aids Tanzania Energy Projects 2012-11-02

    TANZANIA, 2012/11/02