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Renewable energy in Mali

  • Mali to improve solar energy sector

    MALI, 2016/10/29 Endow Africa skills to develop the solar energy sector. This is the ambition of Solektra International Academy, an idea born from the Akon Lighting Africa project. The founder, Akon, is a famous American artist of Senegalese origin and whose goal is to provide electricity for 10 million homes in Africa. “In this initiative, there are close to 15 African nations where we had solar installations. And we realized that there is a lack of qualified labor in order to carry out the work to meet international standards. So next these 15 nations which is only for training, the training of a critical mass of people,on all the aspects of solar projects”, said Patrice Ndangang,director of the academy.
  • Renewable Energy in Mali - Achievements, Challenges and Opportunities 2012-05-11

    MALI, 2012/05/11   As Mali strives to become an emerging economy, it is focusing on energy sector reforms to support growth and improve quality of life. Renewable energy holds significant potential for scaling up across the country and promises to decrease dependence on fossil fuel imports and reduce forest degradation caused by increasing energy demands. This executive summary of "Renewable Energy in Mali: Achievements, Challenges and Opportunities" summarizes an initial stocktaking exercise carried out by the African Development Bank (AfDB) and other development partners in early 2011 on behalf of the National Directorate of Energy of Mali within the framework of the Scaling Up Renewable Energy Program in Low Income Counties (SREP), a program of the Climate Investment Funds (CIF). It describes the current status of Mali's energy sector and identifies four strategic areas for development: 1) institutional, legislative and regulatory frameworks; 2) communications and capacity building; 3) research and knowledge management; and 4) investments in key technologies to expand energy access and make renewable energy attractive to public and private operators.