Economy in Hong Kong

  • Global growth will be disappointing in 2016: IMF's Lagarde

    AFGHANISTAN, 2016/01/02 World economic increase will be disappointing next year and the outlook for the medium-term has as well deteriorated, the chief of the International Monetary Fund said in a guest article for German newspaper Handelsblatt published on Wednesday. IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde said the prospect of rising interest rates in the United States and an economic slowdown in China were contributing to uncertainty and a higher risk of economic vulnerability worldwide. Added to that, increase in world trade has slowed considerably and a decline in raw material prices is posing problems for economies based on these, while the financial sector in a lot of nations still has weaknesses and financial risks are rising in emerging markets, she said.
  • APEC economies growth slows to 3.1 pct in Q2

    BRUNEI , 2015/11/18 Increase among the 21 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) economies softened to 3.1 % in the second quarter of 2015, down from 3.2 % in the initial quarter and 3.4 % a year ago, according to an APEC economic analysis released on Tuesday. The statement said the increase slowdown reflected the prolonged weakness in world economic activity as the modest recovery in advanced economies was matched by a general slowdown in emerging market economies. The moderation in GDP levels could be attributed to declining investments and lacklustre exports, according to the statement. "Economies across the Asia-Pacific continue to grow but find themselves in a holding pattern of lower increase in the absence of high trade volumes," said Alan Bollard, Executive Director of the APEC Secretariat.
  • Revised IMF forecasts signal gloom on global economic outlook

    AFGHANISTAN, 2015/01/20 Low oil prices will not provide a sufficient updraught to dispel the clouds hanging over the world economy, the International Monetary Fund said on Tuesday. In a sign of its increasing gloom about the medium term economic outlook, the IMF cut its world economic increase forecasts by 0.3 % points for both 2015 and 2016, despite believing cheaper oil represents a “shot in the arm”.
  • Hong Kong's finance chief unveiled a budget to kick-start growth

    HONG KONG, 2013/03/12  Hong Kong's finance chief Wednesday unveiled a budget to kick-start increase in the city and temper property prices but warned the world economy could face headwinds from possible trade and currency battles. During a speech interrupted by protests, Financial Secretary John Tsang as well set out a series of measures to support the middle class and alleviate poverty in the prime budget under an increasingly unpopular leader Leung Chun-ying.
  • Hong Kong's unemployment rate

    HONG KONG, 2012/12/22 Hong Kong's unemployment rate came in at seasonally adjusted 3.4 % during September to November, same as that in August to October, the labor force statistics from the Census and Statistics Department showed Tuesday. The rate matched economists' expectations.