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Health in Japan

  • Pioneering Japanese technology New applications developed for ostrich antibody technology

    JAPAN, 2017/04/19 With less than 7 years of history, Zeal Cosmetics has developed not just a good range of skin care products using the revolutionary ostrich antibody technology, but as well applied the benefits of it to an air-linen spray and a dietary supplement for people with diabetes. In partnership with renowned research institutions and professionals, Zeal President and CEO Osamu Maeda is committed to keep providing innovative products that can improve people’s lives. What’s incomparable about Ostrich antibodies and Zeal’s technology?
  • Japan to improve Tajikistan's health sector

    JAPAN, 2014/02/07 Japan will improve the health sector in Tajikistan's Baljuvon region as part of the projects on gratuitous aid for humanitarian security of broad segment of the people, local Tajik media reported on February 3 quoting Japan's Embassy in Tajikistan. A $113,000 grant agreement on the project of construction of the second building of the central hospital of the Baljuvon region was signed on February 3 during the conference between Japanese Ambassador to Tajikistan Hiroyuki Imahashi and chairman of the Baljuvon district Foteh Aminov.