Tourism in Tunisia

  • UNWTO: International tourism – strongest half-year results since 2010

    AFGHANISTAN, 2017/09/09 Destinations worldwide welcomed 598 million international tourists in the initial six months of 2017, some 36 million additional than in the same period of 2016. At 6%, increase was well above the trend of recent years, making the current January-June period the strongest half-year since 2010. Visitor numbers reported by destinations around the world reflect strong request for international travel in the initial half of 2017, according to the new UNWTO World Tourism Barometer. Worldwide, international tourist arrivals (overnight visitors) increased by 6% compared to the same six-month period last year, well above the sustained and consistent trend of 4% or higher increase since 2010. This represents the strongest half-year in seven years.
  • International Arrivals To Africa Reach More Than 18 Million In 2017

    BOTSWANA, 2017/09/09 Market Research Company Euromonitor International revealed before this week the key trends shaping travel and tourism in Africa at the 41st Annual World Tourism Conference in Kigali, Rwanda. According to Euromonitor International’s new data, international arrivals to Africa grew by 6.5 % in 2017, to reach 18,550 million, up from 16,351 million in 2012. Key markets such as South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Mozambique, Cameroon, Mauritius and Tanzania accounted for 70 % of international trips to the Sub-Saharan African region.
  • Tunisia has been actively restoring its national image

    TUNISIA, 2015/09/29 Tunisia has been actively restoring its national image next the attack on the National Bardo Museum, attempting to revive its crucial tourism industry, local media said on Friday. The museum raid, which left 23 people dead and over 50 others injured, was the majority deadly one since Tunisia's independence from France in 1956. The Islamic National group later claimed responsibility for the attack. While Tunisian authorities were investigating on the identities of the attackers, local citizens spontaneously began mending the spotted image of the historic North African country, according to local media Tunis Times.
  • Tourism is the real target of the Tunisia attacks: industry set to suffer

    TUNISIA, 2015/08/30 Vast stretches of sand were blank of people along the normally packed beaches of Sousse on Saturday. There were still a few tourists around; they had taken the entirely correct view that the place was safer presently than it has ever been in recent times, having a heavy security presence in the wake of Friday’s massacre. But even these hardy visitors said they would be gone as any minute at this time as their holiday finishes, and the gloomy hotel and restaurant owners do not expect a new wave of custom to follow this summer, or indeed anything like the same numbers for the next season either. It is perhaps surprising that there were so a lot of Western tourists around for the dreadful slaughter. They obviously had not thought that the attack at the Bardo Museum in Tunis three months ago, in which 20 foreigners died, meant that they, too, were potential targets. Or perhaps they simply decided approaching despite the risks involved.
  • Tunisia’s tourism sector sees a 5% increase in arrivals

    TUNISIA, 2015/03/30
  • 50th Carthage International Festival,

    TUNISIA, 2014/07/10 Some 52 artists from Tunisia, Egypt and Indonesia will take part in the 50th Carthage International Festival, scheduled for 10-16 July, PANA learnt Sunday from organizers. Many plays will be performed, including the 'Message de Paix' which will be presented on 12 July in the theater of Carthage, organizers said, adding “Message de Paix' is a play that brings together artists from various nationalities and is intended to be a message of love, peace and tolerance among religions. It will be marked by spiritual and Sufi songs from both the Islamic and Coptic heritage.'
  • Tunisia is working against the clock to salvage its 2014 tourist season next three turbulent years

    TUNISIA, 2014/03/24 Tunisia is working against the clock to salvage its 2014 tourist season next three turbulent years, by revamping the country’s image — with the help of online media and a few Star Wars characters. “To change a country from one that is relatively inexpensive to a top-end tourist destination will take 10 or 15 years,’’ said Amel Karboul, Tunisia’s new tourism minister. “But to change the image of a country from one that’s cheap to one that is ‘fun’ can be done much additional quickly, and that’s a priority for us,’’ she said, referring to perceptions of Tunisia as a budget holiday destination. The North African country hopes to welcome seven million tourists this year, a slight increase on the 6.9 million who visited in 2010 before the revolution that ousted a decades-old dictatorship and unleashed outbreaks of Islamist violence that damaged Tunisia’s reputation.
  • Hotel Trade Upgrading Programme.

    TUNISIA, 2013/07/02 113 hotels with a 57,000-bed capacity, that is 45% of the exploitable national accommodation capacity, were renovated as part of the Hotel Trade Upgrading Programme. "The in general verdict on hotel infrastructure was positive but there are a lot of failures pertaining notably to vocational training, intangible investment and energy saving which remain the poor relations of this programme", the Tourism Ministry essentially noted in a statement following the 36th conference of the Hotel Trade Upgrading Programme (PMNH) Steering Committee.
  • Secretary General of the World Tourism Organization (WTO), Taleb Rifai.

    TUNISIA, 2013/05/21 At a press conference held on Tuesday in Tunis, the SG of the WTO said that the tourism sector in Tunisia is similar to the "inexhaustible oil resources," he is as well "the major engine of development" given the specific natural, cultural and specialized human resources available in the country.
  • World Tourism Organization meeting in Tunis

    TUNISIA, 2013/04/27 The ongoing 54th conference of the World Tourism Organization committee for tourism in Africa sees 250 delegates from 24 nations debating ways for the continent to meet the challenge of competing for the world tourism business, which earned it $38 billion in 2012.