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Ecotourism in East Africa

  • Tanzania Not Planning Hunting Ban

    TANZANIA, 2015/09/15 The government has made it clear there are no plans to suspend sports hunting in the country as demanded by conservationists. Dr. Adelhelm Meru, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism was reacting to proposals last week by the Lusaka Agreement Task Force (LATF). The proposals ask that African nations that allow hunting should consider suspending the business, pending the establishment of sustainable rules of the game.
  • Killing of elephants in Mozambique reaching proportions never seen before

    MOZAMBIQUE, 2014/10/09 Environmentalists warned in mid-September that killing for ivory by organised syndicates was being carried out on an “industrialised” scale – between 1 500 and 1 800 elephants are being poached a year, mostly in northern Mozambique. In Niassa National Reserve, the country’s major game reserve, the World Conservation Society (WCS) counted 22 elephants poached in the initial two weeks of September alone. “The killing of elephants in the north of Mozambique is reaching proportions at no time seen before. The killing of elephants is being industrialised,” said Carlos Pareira, an advisor to the WCS. Between 2009 and 2013 Niassa’s elephant people was reduced from 20 374 to less than 13 000.
  • Uganda Tourism Industry Wants Government to Get Behind Them

    UGANDA, 2014/03/13 Uganda tour operators have reiterated the need for government to increase its funding budget to tourism marketing to at least $5 million. The operators say the government has not from presently on prioritized the sector giving it little attention. The government and the World Bank recently signed a credit financing facility of $25 million to tourism, of which $12 million were allocated to the revamping of the Jinja Tourism Training Institute. About $3million was allotted to building capacity in the Uganda Tourism Board and the tourism ministry. However, the remaining $10million has not been assigned according to Tourism Minister Maria Mutagamba.
  • Zambian Tourism and Arts Minister Mrs Sylvia Masebo

    ZAMBIA, 2014/03/13 TOURISM and Arts Minister Sylvia Masebo has said Government could not afford to award most of the 19 hunting blocs to family cartels at the expense of indigenous Zambians. Ms Masebo said it was for this reason that Government saw it fit to direct the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) to cancel the tendering process so that it could be re-advertised with the aim of ensuring equal distribution of the concessions. She said it was not Government's desire to discriminate against anyone, be it a foreigner or Zambian, but to ensure that the ordinary Zambians as well benefitted from the hunting blocs.
  • KAZA, Kavango-Zambezi Conservation Area,

    BOTSWANA, 2013/11/12 KAZA, Kavango-Zambezi Conservation Area, covers an enormous area around Livingstone, into Zambia, Zimbabwe, Angola, Namibia and Botswana. The plan is to include the villages inside the conservation area and allow the animals free passage from one National Park to an extra. And the animals, notably, elephant are presently moving into and around Sioma Ngwezi National Park. They are moving outside the park and going in to the villages. Although the planting season has not started properly the villagers are by presently complaining. In a statement in the Post: Manyandelo (UPND Chairperson) accused ZAWA of having failed to do their work, alleging that the elephants had been terrorising the area for over two months, but no proper measures had been put in place by the officers.