Industry in South Africa

  • South Africa's manufacturing output flat, points to slowing economy

    SOUTH AFRICA, 2016/11/16 South Africa's factory output was flat in September from a year ago, data showed on Thursday, contrasting strong second quarter economic increase and increasing the risk of a credit rating downgrade. Separately, mining output increased by 3.4 % year-on-year in September . But analysts said this was not sustainable as commodity prices struggle to recover.
  • South African retailer sees wholesale opportunity at DRC-Zambia border

    CONGO BRAZZAVILLE, 2015/11/20 South African-based grocer Fruit & Veg City is planning on setting up a wholesale centre at Kasumbalesa, the border town between the DRC and Zambia, according to the retailer’s chief of African operations, Frans van der Colff. “I have stood at that border and [watched] trucks arrive and stand there, and they are emptied – they sell everything on the truck before they even cross the border. And people don’t come through the border post, they just run through the bush on the side, buy… and again simply run back and sell on the other side.” The road from Kasumbalesa leads to Lubumbashi, the DRC’s second major city, and Van der Colff said the route is “phenomenally busy”.
  • South Africa’s gambling industry posts firm growth

    SOUTH AFRICA, 2013/11/16 Gambling industry on the up and up according to new data, with casinos, sports and bingo as well posting strong increase. The South African gambling industry is going from strength to strength, according to a new statement by PricewaterhouseCoopers. Gross gambling revenues posted their major historical increases over the last five years, just as the country’s decade of post-millennial increase slumped. Casinos are the biggest category. Legalised in the 1990s, they are presently evolving into diversified entertainment centres. “They have become places for cinemas, ten-pin bowling, restaurants, particularly as urbanisation is happening,” Nicki Forster, lead author of the statement, tells This is Africa. Gross gambling revenues for this category were R16.4 billion ($1.5bn) in 2012, which is 78% of total gross gambling revenue.
  • Why South Africa has more cars but fewer jobs

    SOUTH AFRICA, 2012/12/21 While local manufacturers statement double-digit sales increase, component suppliers are shedding workers and unions are asking if government subsidies are being used entirely. South Africa may be teetering on the brink of recession, but its motor industry continues to enjoy near-boom-like increase. Edgar Lourencon, president and managing director of General Motors (GM) in sub-Saharan Africa, which is run out of East London in the Eastern Cape, says his company has recorded 11-12% increase in South African sales so far in 2012.