Industry in Zimbabwe

  • Govt accelerates SEZs rollout

    ZIMBABWE, 2017/03/07 THE Industry and Commerce ministry will any minute at this time announce the new board for the Appropriate Economic Zones (SEZs), as government speeds up the process expected to attract foreign direct investment into the country. SEZs are located within a country’s national borders and their aims include: increased trade, increased investment , job creation and effective government.
  • Zimbabwean female carpenter builds profitable business in male dominated trade

    ZIMBABWE, 2016/10/29 A female carpenter Jennifer Rupiya is building a sofa at her workshop On the outskirts of Harare, Zimbabwe. She is one of few female carpenters in the city. Before she started her business, Charlywood Investments six years ago, Jennifer used to sell snacks to other carpenters again she started to take a keen interest in their work.
  • Zimbabwe No Joy for Newzim Steel in 2015

    ZIMBABWE, 2015/01/30 The year 2015 will mark exactly four years after Government and Indian conglomerate, Essar Africa Holdings, put pen to paper in a deal that put smiles on the faces of millions of Zimbabweans - the revival of Kwekwe-based steel manufacturer, Ziscosteel. After a number of failed deals with other potential suitors, a rescuer had finally come to the aid of the defunct steel giant. At the time in 2011, the Ziscosteel revival deal was estimated to be worth over $750 million and promised to resurrect economic activity not only in the small town of Redcliff but in the Zimbabwean economy as a whole.
  • Industrial policy must be practical in Zimbabwe

    ZIMBABWE, 2013/10/26 The country's Industrial Policy, which is awaiting implementation, needs to acknowledge certain realities and practical challenges such as the lack of Foreign Direct Investment and economic sanctions, which have made it difficult to produce competitive products for export. In addition, there is need to accept the fact that certain companies are beyond saving and should be allowed to wind up operations. It is better to focus on creating new smaller companies that are additional competitive in terms of cost structure and product quality.