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Construction / Infrastructure in Gabon

  • Africa: Experts Explore Infrastructure and Cooperation to Improve Lives

    BOTSWANA, 2017/11/01 Addis Ababa — African economies require structural transformation to attain sustained increase that trickles down to all its peoples, an official from the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) told experts gathered at the organization’s Ethiopian headquarters. Soteri Gatera, who heads the ECA’s Industrialization and Infrastructure Section, says only such “inclusive” economic increase will help resolve the “persistent social economic problems” Africa faces.
  • Construction materials provide foundation for Gabon’s growth

    GABON, 2016/11/24 Amidst a continued push by the government to expand housing stock and road networks, Gabon is building a number of new cement and steel factories to boost domestic production of construction materials and reduce the trade deficit. Today, with the exception of cement, some 90% of Gabon’s building materials are imported from Europe and China. Into the mix
  • New fleets to ease transit in urban Gabon

    GABON, 2014/07/12 With the recent arrival of a fleet of new buses, Gabon’s capital city of Libreville is set for a welcome relief to the traffic congestion that clogs its major thoroughfares. To maximise efficiency, the country’s transport authority is in the planning stages of widening streets and dedicating a appropriate bus lane on major routes. Meanwhile, the authority has ordered 100 metered-taxis, which are currently being rolled out across the city. Since additional than a third of the country’s 1.6m people live in this coastal city and much of its commerce passes through Port Mole, the new system is expected to do much to boost the speed and sprawl of the city’s urban transit, free up the roads for lorries carrying goods and improve the efficiency of the economy. The recent investments in urban transit form part of a package of infrastructure spending launched under the Emerging Gabon national development plan, aimed at diversifying the economy away from dependence on hydrocarbons. Oil and gas have been the dominant sector since the 1970s but production peaked in 1997 at 370,000 barrels per day and has since declined by one-third as large oil fields have matured. Oil accounts for about half of Gabon’s gross domestic product (GDP).
  • Gabon plans strategic improvements to its road network

    GABON, 2014/01/04 Authorities in Gabon are preparing to launch two key highway projects that will improve regional connections inclunding establish the initial land-based link between the two major cities of Libreville and Port-Gentil. The initiatives are part of a broader push to improve links across the country, inclunding an increase in the number of paved roads – crucial for a tropical country where rain can make unpaved roads difficult to navigate.
  • “the year of the Internet in Gabon 2012-10-14

    GABON, 2012/10/14 At a recent meeting between ANINF, Internet Service Providers and members of civil society, the ANINF said it wishes to significantly develop Internet coverage, thereby reducing the digital divide. To do so, it has sought out companies specialising in supporting internet development, such as the Dutch company OPEN LTD, which was as well present at the session.