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Construction / Infrastructure in Eritrea

  • Africa: Experts Explore Infrastructure and Cooperation to Improve Lives

    BOTSWANA, 2017/11/01 Addis Ababa — African economies require structural transformation to attain sustained increase that trickles down to all its peoples, an official from the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) told experts gathered at the organization’s Ethiopian headquarters. Soteri Gatera, who heads the ECA’s Industrialization and Infrastructure Section, says only such “inclusive” economic increase will help resolve the “persistent social economic problems” Africa faces.
  • Youth Center is being constructed in Hagaz Eritrea

    ERITREA, 2014/02/23 A Youth Center is being constructed in Hagaz semi-urban center in collaboration with the residents and members of the People's Army. The participants of the project expressed conviction that the Center would make significant impact as regards nurturing cultural values, and asserted that they would sustain their input in the process. They further indicated that a similar previous Center had limitations in infrastructural scope, and that enhanced efforts are being exerted by the local Administrations towards developing services by the latter center. Part the participants, Mr. Andemeskel Zerabruk, Mr. Mohammed Mantai, Mr. Misgina Mebrahtu and Mr. Idris Osman indicated that popular undertakings have made significant impact regarding development of community livelihood, and that the putting in place of the new center is vital pertaining to nurturing virtuous youths.
  • A 60 km-long new dirt road connecting the villages of Bel'ubuy and Muragaim-Sagan

    ERITREA, 2014/01/06 A 60 km-long new dirt road has been constructed connecting the villages of Bel'ubuy and Muragaim-Sagan in the Central Denkalia sub-zone through joint collaboration between communities and members of the People's Army. One of the inhabitants, Sheikh Derder Musa, disclosed that former transportation route to the center of the sub-zonal Government involved a much longer distance, thus giving rise to unwanted loss of time and energy. He further expressed satisfaction with the putting in place of such facility. Likewise, Mr. Ahmed Mohammed, Administrator of Bel'ubuy area, and Mr. Mohammed Ali pointed out that the undertaking could be fulfilled through mobilization of highly organized labor force and communal equipment. An accomplishment of this type encourages additional popular initiatives, they added.
  • Dirt Road to Hadish-Adi and Ber'ona In Eritrea

    ERITREA, 2013/11/20 The inhabitants of Anseba-Lemecheli area, Elabered sub-zone,said that the recently renovated dirt road to Hadish-Adi and Ber'ona has ensured commendable transport service, thus giving rise to community satisfaction with saving time and energy vis-à-vis increased socio-economic activities. Among the inhabitants, Mr. Siyum Mebrahtu, Ms. Yerusalem Misgina and Ms. Natsinet Desale indicated that travelling to the locality from the main road used to take 3 hours, which has presently become a matter of few minutes' drive. They further lauded the government's commitment to rural development, the impact of which initiative has borne raised community welfare in the locality.
  • Of an expensive Dam, high growing Wheat and clean Water

    ERITREA, 2012/12/10 The Eritrea Hilfswerk Deutschland (EHD) e. V. is a German-Eritrean relief organization founded in 1976 by a group of Germans and their Eritrean friends. Below, EHD’s Managing Director, Martin Zimmermann reports about one of his trips to Eritrea.
  • Inhabitants of 'Ra' Renovate Road Leading to Their Village 2012-10-16

    ERITREA, 2012/10/16 The inhabitants of 'Ra' who have been regrouped from villages of Ad-Ela and Behaita conducted popular campaign to renovate the road that connects their village with Tio. From the inhabitants Ms. Hawa Dokaran and Ms. Halima Abdu explained that the campaign to renovate the road was necessary for it was continuously being damaged during rainy season. They further indicated that the road is very significant in their daily life and that they are satisfied with the campaign they conducted.