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Construction / Infrastructure in Ethiopia

  • Africa: Experts Explore Infrastructure and Cooperation to Improve Lives

    BOTSWANA, 2017/11/01 Addis Ababa — African economies require structural transformation to attain sustained increase that trickles down to all its peoples, an official from the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) told experts gathered at the organization’s Ethiopian headquarters. Soteri Gatera, who heads the ECA’s Industrialization and Infrastructure Section, says only such “inclusive” economic increase will help resolve the “persistent social economic problems” Africa faces.
  • Kessem Irrigation Dam Nears Completion in Ethiopia

    ETHIOPIA, 2014/06/15 The Kessem irrigation dam, bearing the same name with a sugar development project, is nearing completion, said Federal Water Works Design and Supervision Enterprise. The irrigation dam, which will have the capacity to develop 20,000 hectares of land in Afar region of Ethiopia, is 99 % complete, according to the consultant - Federal Water Works Design and Supervision Enterprise. Located inside the rift valley region, the construction of the dam proved daunting with the contractor Federal Water Works Construction Enterprise facing geological challenges.
  • Ethiopia: Addis to Get Connected to New Highway

    ETHIOPIA, 2014/03/11 The construction of two road projects covering 28.1km that link the Addis Abeba-Adama Highway with Addis Abeba in two directions has been launched, the Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA) announced. The Akaki-IT Park/Goro/ and Akaki-Lebu roads are being undertaken at a cost of over 4.6 billion Br, ERA said. The 14.5-kms Akaki-IT Park (Goro) project links the Addis Abeba-Adama Highway with the eastern and northeastern part of Addis Abeba, while the 13.6-kms Akaki- Lebu road will interconnect the road with western and northwestern Addis Abeba. The construction of the roads, which will have six lanes, includes the construction of six large bridges, four interchanges and a railway crossing, part others. Some 75 pc of the total cost for construction of the roads will be covered by the China EXIM Bank and the balance by the government. The projects are scheduled to be completed within 33 months.
  • Ethiopia forges ahead with Grand Renaissance Dam

    ETHIOPIA, 2013/12/26 The year 2013 has undoubtedly been an exciting year for Ethiopia because of the events that took place around the country and, additional significantly, for one epic feat of modern development in the country. The year saw this East African country hosting the continent’s historic event of the Golden Jubilee of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU)-African Union (AU), which set Schedule 2063 to totally transform Africa in the next 50 years. It was hard on the heels of the jubilee celebrations that the government of this country came in handy with the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) on the mighty Blue Nile.
  • Ethiopia's ambitious plan to build a US$ 4.2 billion dam in the Benishangul-Gumuz region,

    ETHIOPIA, 2013/12/11 Ethiopia's ambitious plan to build a US$ 4.2 billion dam in the Benishangul-Gumuz region, 40 km from its border with Sudan, is expected to provide 6,000 megawatts of electricity, enough for its people plus some excess it can sell to neighbouring nations. Dubbed the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, it will be Africa's biggest dam and will depend on water from the 6,700-km Nile River, the world's longest river. But Ethiopia must initial resolve matters with Egypt, which, along with Sudan, claims the rights to the river following a 1929 agreement. That agreement excluded other nations along the Nile River trajectory, such as Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. Egypt fears that the dam will suck up water flows to the country and severely affect its domestic consumption.
  • Construction, Housing Services Centralised

    ETHIOPIA, 2013/02/05 The new 12-storey building, which cost 63m Br, is located at Angola Street on the way to Janmeda. The Addis Abeba Construction and Housing Development Bureau is relocating its five departments to a new 12-storey building around Sidist Kilo, on Angola Street.
  • Panel continues to look at Ethiopia’s Nile Dam, Egypt waits

    ETHIOPIA, 2012/12/17  An international panel of experts is continuing to investigate and study the efficacy of Ethiopia’s massive Renaissance Dam project that has left Egypt frustrated that it could lose portions of its Nile water. The panel, asked by Ethiopia and Sudan and Egypt to look at the impact of the dam on Nile water comes as fears are growing in Addis Ababa that Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsi’s recent power grab could threaten relations between the two countries, already tense over Nile River issues.