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Construction / Infrastructure in Cameroon

  • Africa: Experts Explore Infrastructure and Cooperation to Improve Lives

    BOTSWANA, 2017/11/01 Addis Ababa — African economies require structural transformation to attain sustained increase that trickles down to all its peoples, an official from the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) told experts gathered at the organization’s Ethiopian headquarters. Soteri Gatera, who heads the ECA’s Industrialization and Infrastructure Section, says only such “inclusive” economic increase will help resolve the “persistent social economic problems” Africa faces.
  • Over 60 KM of Batchenga-Ka a Rail Line Refurbished , Cameroon

    CAMEROON, 2015/08/12 The 22nd ordinary session of the Inter-ministerial Committee in charge of Railway Infrastructure, COMIFER, met on August 7, 2015, in Yaounde, to assess the level of evolution of projects. The get-together under the chair of COMIFER President who happens to be the Minister of Transport, Robert Nkili, saluted strides made since the 21st session that met on May 26, 2015. On the table for scrutiny was the follow-up of recommendations, presentation of the decision creating an ad-hoc committee for the elaboration of the second phase of the 2016-2020 investment projects to modernize railway infrastructure, the level of evolution of plans to have automatic railway crossing safety barriers in Douala and Yaounde, amongst others.
  • Bulldozing Work Underway On Rural Section of Yaounde-Nsimalen Motorway

    CAMEROON, 2014/08/30 Bulldozing work is underway on the 10.8-km rural section of the Yaounde-Nsimalen double carriage road which comprises a national-of-the-art road to link Carrefour Ahala, passing through Carrefour Meyo to the Nsimalen roundabout. Target is to ensure a smooth circulation of goods and persons to and from the Nsimalen international airport. The Chinese firm, China Communications Construction Company Ltd, which got a service order on May 2, 2014 has by presently set base at Ntoutouli, Mefou and Afamba Division and its machines are currently clearing the forest and bulldozing the path. Preparatory work has been done on over three km.
  • PM Instructs Speed Up of Road Projects in Cameroon

    CAMEROON, 2014/06/02 The Prime Minister, Chief of Government, Mr YANG Philemon, Chairman of the National Road Board (CONAROUTE), today Tuesday, 27 May 2014 as from 11:00 a.m., chaired the 16th session of the Board in the major building of his Office. In attendance, apart from his close aides, were the statutory members of the Board inclunding specially invited personalities inclunding the Government Delegates to the Bamenda and Ebolowa City Councils. The session was devoted mainly to: (i) assessing the implementation evolution of 2013 programmes; and (ii) considering FY 2014 programmes for validation. In his opening statement, the Chairman of the Board drew the attention of contracting Authorities on the need to optimize resources allocated for road infrastructure construction, rehabilitation and maintenance works. He asked them to resort to direct labour for minor works and to look for strategies to reduce the cost of road inputs such as aggregates and reinforcing steel. He as well recommended the use of approved, much cheaper surfacing products such as ROCAMIX, CARBONCOR and CON-AID/CBR PLUS.
  • Crude oil: Niger to export crude oil through Cameroon

    CAMEROON, 2014/01/10 Work on the pipeline to transport Niger’s crude oil to the international market via Chad to Cameroon's Kribi Port kicks off any minute at this time, the Niger Oil Ministry. Niger’s government decided at the end of its council of ministers’ conference to build the pipeline next several months of negotiations. China-based National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) carried out the feasibility study for the pipeline project. In addition, the Nigerien government said it would put in place a new firm tasked with managing the strategic infrastructure whose capital was to be jointly provided by Niger, Chad, Cameroon and China.
  • Nigeria To Develop MOU With Cameroon On Ladgo Dam

    CAMEROON, 2013/01/03 Nigeria is prepared to develop a Memorandum of Considerate (MOU) with Cameroon on the management of water from Ladgo dam, an official told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) The official at the Federal Ministry of Water Resources told NAN in Abuja that the technical mission to Cameroon on the issue of Ladgo dam would visit the country between Thursday and Friday to discuss modalities for managing water resources.
  • African Development Bank gives $73 million for Kumba-Mamfe road

    CAMEROON, 2012/12/31 The African Development Fund, the concessional window of the African Development Bank has today approved a loan of approximately $ 73 million for developing the South-West Cameroon by improving the road from Kumba to Mamfe. This road is of strategic importance. Indeed, it is an extension of the Bamenda-Enugu corridor between Cameroon and Nigeria (funding from AfDB) to the economic capital, Douala.