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  • Is TPP 2.0 good to go?

    BRUNEI , 2017/11/04
  • Communist China’s becoming a key player in global capitalism

    CHINA, 2017/08/11 In October the International Monetary Fund included the yuan as a fifth world reserve investment ; last month Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) added Chinese stocks to its benchmark index following the Stock Connect schemes between Hong Kong’s stock market and bourses in Shanghai and Shenzhen; and on Monday, the launch of Bond Connect will allow overseas investors to invest in the China interbank bond market. Presently, all of China’s major financial commodities – currency, stocks and bonds – can be included in an international investor’s portfolio as Beijing further opens up its financial markets.
  • The immigrant success story that led Spanish police to a Chinese banking behemoth

    CHINA, 2017/08/02 In Spain's Chinese community, Gao Ping was the ultimate immigrant success story. He was a young man at the same time as he arrived additional than two decades ago and took a job as a cook in a Chinese restaurant. By 1997 Gao had opened an import business and begun building a commercial empire that would make him the highest-profile Chinese in Spain. He became a patron of the arts and cultivated political ties in Spain and in his native Zhejiang Province. In 2007, Chinese media carried a picture of him with Spain's King Juan Carlos I. And in interviews he was quoted saying he wanted to become a bridge between the two cultures.
  • Saving face on the Korean Peninsula

    CHINA, 2017/05/07 Kim Jong-un sees nuclear capability as almost his sole source of regime security and he is not going to give it up, no matter how strong the pressure. He is not stupid. All he has to do is to look at the history of Iraq and Libya, where neither dictator had nuclear weapons. So if the United States insists on de-nuclearisation of the peninsula, presumably that would require regime change, and regime change is unlikely without the use of force. War in the area would be hugely destabilising and potentially disastrous. No one in their right mind should want that. China is right to urge negotiations, but what is to be negotiated? Kim is not going to negotiate away his own security by giving up his nuclear capability. But if China exerts sufficient pressure, he may acknowledge to stop testing.
  • Chinese ambassador to Angola calls for better investment climate

    CHINA, 2017/01/23 The government of Angola should seek to strengthen the investment climate in the country and improve it in order to attract additional foreign companies, the Chinese ambassador to Angola said on Thursday in Menongue. At the end of a short visit to Kuando Kubango, Cui Aimin, who did not provide figures, said that China will invest in the province in the areas of agriculture, hotels, tourism and construction of infrastructure.
  • Solving China’s savings situation

    CHINA, 2016/11/24 For China, the world financial crisis marked the turning point from an export-oriented to a domestic request-driven economy. In late 2008 and early 2009, China’s exports fell by additional than 20 %, alerting Chinese policymakers to the unreliability of increase depending purely on exports. This transition to domestic request-driven increase is still going, and its success, to a large extent, will depend on the consumption and saving decisions of China’s households.
  • Canada to offer more opportunities to Chinese investors

    CHINA, 2016/09/04 Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in Beijing on Tuesday that Canada welcomes Chinese investment and he would try his best to offer additional opportunities to Chinese enterprises. He made these remarks while talking with additional than 70 Chinese entrepreneurs at the China Entrepreneur Club Leaders Forum organized by the China Entrepreneur Club. This is his initial stop of his China visit from Aug 30 to Sept 6. He says that as the world's second major economy, China plays a central role in driving world economic increase. The strengthening relationship with China is beneficial for both sides. Canada, as a country that is willing to support the development of enterprises, is very willing to cooperate with Chinese enterprises and support their development.
  • Canada applies to join China-backed AIIB, latest U.S. ally to apply

    CHINA, 2016/09/04 Canada will apply to join the China-backed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, or AIIB, Canadian and bank officials said on Wednesday, making it the new ally of the United States to join the new international development bank. The multilateral institution, seen as a rival to the Western-dominated World Bank and Asian Development Bank, was initially opposed by the United States but attracted a lot of U.S. allies inclunding Britain, Germany, Australia and South Korea as founding members. Japan and the United States are the majority prominent nations not represented in the bank.
  • Chinese Group negotiates to buy bank in Brazil

    CHINA, 2016/06/11 The Shanghai Pengxin Group Co is negotiating the buy a controlling stake in Brazilian bank Indusval & Partners (BI&P) in order to expand beyond the raw materials market in the major economy in Latin America, reported China Daily The newspaper said that representatives of both parties had by presently met, although it is possible that no agreement will be reached at the end of the meetings.
  • Macau businessman wants to take companies from China to Cabo Verde

    CHINA, 2016/06/04 Macau businessman David Chow, who is involved in a tourism project in Cabo Verde (Cape Verde), has promised to take to Cabo Verde additional entrepreneurs and companies from China in different areas of economic activity, according to statements made in Praia. Chow was speaking at the end of a conference between the Prime Minister, Ulisses Correia e Silva and a mission from the China/Africa Development Fund, weekly newspaper A Semana reported.