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Environment in Hong Kong

  • Greentech building Japan Sekisui House: Building by example with zero-energy housing

    HONG KONG, 2017/03/04 Leading the greentech building revolution is Japanese firm Sekisui Home, the world’s number one constructor of zero-energy houses, whose CEO was the only private sector representative to take part in a roundtable discussion on Low-carbon and Affordable Buildings at the COP22 U.N. Climate Change Summit in November Innovative Japanese-made products have made Japan a world leader in environmental technologies, from top selling green vehicles like the Toyota Prius and Nissan Leaf, to energy-saving paint developed by companies like NCK. Presently you may be familiar with zero emission vehicles like the Nissan Leaf, but what about zero-energy houses? As the name implies, a zero-energy home (ZEH) uses energy-saving technology and solar power to reduce net energy consumption to zero.
  • The major seizure of blood ivory since 2010

    HONG KONG, 2013/07/22 The major seizure of blood ivory since 2010 took place yesterday at Hong Kong harbour, at the same time as 1.148 tusks were discovered in a container shipped from Togo. The tusks, which weigh over two tons and are worth additional than 2 million dollars, were discovered at the city's major port in a cargo container from the African country of Togo. It was headed for mainland China and the bags of tusks were hidden beneath planks of wood. Customs officials in Hong Kong confirmed the find. No arrests have been reported at this stage but the international task force, comprising part others CITES personnel and Interpol investigators, are presently reportedly working with the Hong Kong authorities to establish the origin of the ivory through forensic tests and DNA analysis. The haul is estimated to have a street price of around 2.3 million US Dollars, and while dealing a financial blow to the illicit underground smuggling network still points to the death of nearly 600 elephant, slaughtered for their tusks.
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