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China Africa Relation in Angola

  • Africans View China’s Presence on the Continent as Positive

    CHINA, 2016/11/04 The majority of Africans are in favor of Chinese development on the continent, according to a new statement titled “China’s Growing Presence in Africa Wins Largely Positive Popular Reviews” by the Afrobarometer Research Network. “Almost two-thirds or 63 % of Africans say China’s influence in the continent is “somewhat” or “very” positive, while only 15 % see it as somewhat or very negative,” the statement states. Trade between Africa and China has increased from $10 billion in 2000 to $220 billion in 2014. In 2000, China established the Forum on China-Africa Co-operation to drive its strategic engagement with sub-Saharan Africa. Since again, the communist country has been the go-to world economic resource for African nations in need of products and services ranging from infrastructure and telecommunication development, to food outlets, retail shops, and textiles.
  • President of Angola supports China’s role in Africa

    CHINA, 2015/12/09 China is an “indispensable partner” for Africa’s development, due to the increase in Chinese investment on the continent, the President of Angola said in Johannesburg, cited by Angolan national newspaper Jornal de Angola. Speaking at a round table of African leaders with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the second summit of the China/Africa Cooperation Forum, José Eduardo dos Santos highlighted the indicators that made China the major trading partner and as well the origin of the majority direct investments made in Africa in recent years. The Angolan president said the Sino-African partnership, forged during the colonial period, inclunding support for the development of each of the African nations in particular and the continent in general could contribute to the establishment of a new international political and economic order and promote the democratisation of international relations.
  • Angola is one of the priority nations for China in Africa,

    ANGOLA, 2014/05/30 Angola is one of the priority nations for China in Africa, where it will continue to focus over the next few years, according to US research organisation Brookings. In its recent statement “Africa in China’s Foreign Policy,” published by Brookings, analyst Yun Sun noted increased investment in training African human resources and social responsibility programmes in Africa as signs of continuing interest in the continent. “Over the next few years, China’s involvement in Africa should increase,” the analyst said, forecasting that the current system will be “updated by adopting faster solutions for some social problems.” According to the statement to which Macauhub had access, “China’s economic activities are at an unprecedented level,” which as well brings challenges.
  • The Angolan ambassador to China, João Garcia Bires,

    ANGOLA, 2013/01/13 The Angolan ambassador to China, João Garcia Bires, Friday in Beijing valued the cooperation, in the last eight years, with the Asian country, since again, is being built in Angola a modern country. According to the diplomat, who was speaking at the official reception of the Angolan Embassy on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Sino-Angolan cooperation, being celebrated on 12 January, his country, in the completed, was recognized only by marks of war and other horrors but, "since again in its soil is being built a modern country" a country of solidarity with people with a track and able to make Angola a place of peace, harmony and a pleasant place to live.
  • Angola/China Cooperation Considered Positive 2012-11-01

    ANGOLA, 2012/11/01 The Angolan Secretary of National for Transports, Mário Dominguês, considered on Tuesday in the central Benguela province positive the bilateral cooperation between Angola and China because it enabled the creation of economic infrastructures for the country.