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Education in Macau

  • The downsides to Singapore’s education system: streaming, stress and suicides

    CHINA, 2017/09/23 Singapore’s education system is reputed for producing children who top the world rankings in standardised tests. The city national took initial place in the last Pisa (world education rankings. The country’s school system is geared towards high succcess in exams, but the emphasis on rote learning and memorisation, combined with pressure to succeed, affects children’s social skills, health and in general happiness .Run by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Pisa tests, conducted each three years, are intended as a measure of problem-solving and cognition. From presently on Singapore’s superiority in the rankings may be coming at an equally high price.
  • Higher earning Why a university degree is worth more in some countries than others

    AFGHANISTAN, 2016/12/11 A university education may expand your mind. It will as well fatten your wallet. Data from the OECD, a club of rich nations, show that graduates can expect far better lifetime earnings than those without a degree. The size of this premium varies. It is greatest in Ireland, which has a high GDP per chief and rising inequality. Since 2000 the unemployment rate for under-35s has swelled to 8% for those with degrees – but to additional than 20% for those without, and nearly 40% for secondary school drop-outs. The country’s wealth presently goes disproportionately to workers with letters next their names.
  • Journeys into knowing

    MACAU, 2012/12/07 Proud of its centuries-old traditions (its roots go back to December 1, 1594), the University of Saint Joseph, located in southern Mainland China, is a modern, private, experimental and fully international institution. English is the working language throughout amount programs, the student body represents over 65 countries and the academic faculty is similarly diversified.
  • The process of discovery

    MACAU, 2012/12/07 With origins dating back to 1594 when Macau was a Portuguese settlement, USJ students hail from 65 different countries and the faculty, as well, represent myriad countries and ethnic groups.