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Education in Japan

  • Higher earning Why a university degree is worth more in some countries than others

    AFGHANISTAN, 2016/12/11 A university education may expand your mind. It will as well fatten your wallet. Data from the OECD, a club of rich nations, show that graduates can expect far better lifetime earnings than those without a degree. The size of this premium varies. It is greatest in Ireland, which has a high GDP per chief and rising inequality. Since 2000 the unemployment rate for under-35s has swelled to 8% for those with degrees – but to additional than 20% for those without, and nearly 40% for secondary school drop-outs. The country’s wealth presently goes disproportionately to workers with letters next their names.
  • Hakubun Shimomura, Former Minister of Education

    JAPAN, 2015/12/07 An international approach by Japan’s universities – helped by funding from the government – is set to improve educational standards Education has become a vital aspect of Japan’s economic reorientation through Abenomics but reforms are set to be felt far beyond its own shores. Improving relationships with international universities and forging links with U.S. institutions has emerged as a vital play that will provide its younger generation with a world outlook on the world. “We do not have that steadily increasing people anymore [in Japan],” says Dr. Susumu Satomi, President of Tohoku University. “We do not have that steadily growing domestic request anymore either. We need to go out and engage additional with the rest of the world.”
  • Japanese students improve in 3 OECD competence tests

    JAPAN, 2010/12/08 Japan’s 15-year-old school pupils showed improved reading, math and science skills in international competence tests in 2009 compared with three years formerly , the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development said Tuesday. Japan moved up to eighth place in literacy part the 65 nations and regions involved, compared with 15th place part 57 nations and regions in 2006, and rose to fifth from sixth in applied scientific skills and to ninth from 10th in applied mathematical skills, the OECD said in its triennial statement.
  • History of Japanese Education

    JAPAN, 2010/01/06 The history of education in Japan dates back at least to the sixth century, at the same time as Chinese learning was introduced at the Yamato court. Foreign civilizations have often provided new ideas for the development of Japan's own culture.