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Agriculture in Angola

  • Africa's Economic Future Depends on Its Farms

    BOTSWANA, 2017/10/16 At the same time as the economies of Nigeria and South Africa recently rebounded, it wasn't oil or minerals that did the trick. It was agriculture. Faster and additional sustainable agricultural increase is crucial not only to the continent's economy, but as well to its ability to feed and employ its surging people. Agriculture still accounts for a quarter of gross domestic product and as much as two-thirds of employment in sub-Saharan Africa. In fact, agricultural increase has the biggest impact on non-farm gain and reducing poverty.
  • Angola grants 7,000 hectares of land to Cabo Verde

    ANGOLA, 2015/11/21 The government of Angola granted a plot of 7,000 hectares in Kwanza Sul province to Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) for agricultural development, said Thursday the Cape Verdean ambassador to Angola, Francisco Veiga. The ambassador, at the end of a courtesy visit to the governor of Kwanza Sul, Eusébio de Brito Teixeira, said the government would presently consider what to produce on the land but said that maize production from improved seeds was one of the priority crops. “The Ministries of Rural Development and Finance and Planning are by presently examining this file, so that the government can decide what will be produced in those 7,000 hectares,” said the ambassador quoted by Angolan news agency Angop.
  • Italy supports agricultural development in Angola

    ITALY, 2015/07/22 The governments of Angola and Italy plan to sign a memorandum of considerate on agriculture, as part of a three-day visit to Luanda Italian Minister Maurizio Martina began Monday, according to Angolan news agency Angop. The Italian Minister for Agriculture, Food and Forestry is due Tuesday to attend the Italy-Angola Business Forum, taking place on the sidelines of the 32nd edition of the Luanda International equitable (Filda) . During his remain in Angola, Maurizio Martina is due to meet with the Minister of Trade, Rosa Pacavira and the Secretaries of National for Industry and Fisheries.
  • Angola plans to increase corn production

    ANGOLA, 2015/07/19 Angola plans, in the next two years, to produce 63 % of the corn it consumes and to spend 100 billion kwanzas on the Support Plan for Corn Production in Angola, approved by presidential decree. The plan aims to increase corn production to 4.9 million tons, compared to production of 1.3 million tons in 2014 from Explorações Agrícolas Empresariais (EAE) and over 359,900 tons from Explorações Agrícolas Familiares (EAF), an all which covered just 40 % of national needs (4.2 million tons).
  • Angola Agriculture Ministry Organises Roundtable With Donors and Partners

    ANGOLA, 2015/01/01 The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development last Tuesday in Luanda organised a roundtable with donors and some partners, reads a note from the mentioned governmental department. Part the partners that participated in the roundtable are the United Nations Food and Agriculture Fund (FAO), World Bank, European Union, Spanish Co-operation, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the African Improvment(AfDB), inclunding representatives of national institutions linked to the agricultural sector.
  • Angola plans to produce 100,000 tons of cotton per year

    ANGOLA, 2014/05/30 The programme to re-launch cotton production in Angola, involving 1,500 family-based farmers, is intended to produce a harvest of 100,000 tons per year, the national director for Agriculture and Livestock said Tuesday in Luanda. Adelino Rodrigues, who was speaking about participation of the private sector in large agricultural projects, told Angolan news agency Angop that the programme to re-launch cotton production in an area of 70,000 hectares as part of the 2013-2017 National Development Plan. “The Angolan government decided to renew the textile industry to ensure independence in terms of importing fabric and other manufactured products,” Rodrigues said.
  • Nation With Structuring Programme for Cereal Pruduction in Angola

    ANGOLA, 2013/10/18 The Director of Food Security, David Tunga, said Wednesday in Luanda that there are in the provinces of Huila, Kwanza Sul and Kuando Kubango structured programmes aimed to produce cereals (maize and rice) in great quantity. David Tunga who was addressing Angop at celebration of International Food Day, which is being celebrated on Wednesday, said that the production of these cereals is significantly improving the scale of food security in the country. Despite of that, without pointing figures, he said the country is still facing some deficit due to drought problems hitting southern and coastal region of Angola.
  • Angola revives coffee production Amboim, Kwanza-Sul province

    ANGOLA, 2013/08/15 The regional coffee harvest may be as high as 2,000 tons in 2013, the director of Angola’s National Coffee Institute (INCA), José Ferreira, said in Gabela, a town in Amboim municipality of Kwanza-Sul province, Angolan news agency Angop reports. Rising production is the result of an experimental project to replace abandoned coffee plantations. It began in 2007 with US$8 million in funds jointly granted by the International Coffee Organisation (ICO), the Common Fund for Commodities (CFC) and the Angolan government.
  • João, Deputy Minister of Fisheries in Angola

    ANGOLA, 2013/07/05 The Ministry of Fisheries is holding this Thursday in Luanda the initial National Artisanal Fishing and Communal Aquaculture, aimed at establishing the interconnection of various players in the subsector to share methods of work and other experiences. The two-day forum, taking place under the topic 'Artisanal Fisheries, Fishing and Communal Aquaculture Next, New Field of Opportunities' aims, part others, to diffuse the activities of the artisanal fisheries and communal aquiculture in socio-economic in the country and assess the organizational rate of fishing communities, and thus improve the institutional supports to be supported.
  • Angola's minister of Fisheries, Victoria de Barros Neto

    ANGOLA, 2013/04/09  Angola's minister of Fisheries, Victoria de Barros Neto, inaugurated on Friday the Regional Monitoring Centre for Fisheries and Aquaculture in Soyo, northern Zaire province, to oversee and monitor the fishing activity in the provinces of the Cabinda, Zaire and Bengo.