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Agriculture in Chad

  • Africa's Economic Future Depends on Its Farms

    BOTSWANA, 2017/10/16 At the same time as the economies of Nigeria and South Africa recently rebounded, it wasn't oil or minerals that did the trick. It was agriculture. Faster and additional sustainable agricultural increase is crucial not only to the continent's economy, but as well to its ability to feed and employ its surging people. Agriculture still accounts for a quarter of gross domestic product and as much as two-thirds of employment in sub-Saharan Africa. In fact, agricultural increase has the biggest impact on non-farm gain and reducing poverty.
  • Africa: Can Africa Satisfy Its Hunger?

    BOTSWANA, 2013/04/02 Africa frequently experiences food shortages, although its 900 million farmers could feed the continent, inclunding supplying other parts of the world. But for this to happen they need the support of politicians.
  • GIEWS Country Brief Chad 20 December 2012

    CHAD, 2012/12/31 Crop prospects adversely affected by irregular rains in several parts of the country Harvesting of the 2011 cereal crops was completed in November 2011. Erratic rains and extended dry spells throughout the growing period caused critical damage to crops, reducing coarse grains yields and delaying harvests in several parts of the country. The prolonged dryness as well negatively impacted pasture production in the pastoral and agropastoral areas of the country. The majority affected areas include the northern sahelian zone (Kanem, Bar El Gazal, Hadjer Lamis, Ouaddai, Wadi Firra, Batha regions) and Logone Occidental and Guera regions in the southern sudanian zone.