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Agriculture in China

  • Nigerian Investor Sets Up $135 Million Commodities Exchange

    CHINA, 2017/09/09 A Nigerian startup is developing a new agricultural commodities exchange in Africa’s most populous country to take chance of the government’s efforts to boost farming output to reduce reliance on oil. The exchange, Integrated Produce City Ltd., will be located near the southern city of Benin, about 300 kilometers (186 miles) east of Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial hub, a site accessible to nearby growers of cocoa, palm oil, rubber and cassava, Chief Executive Officer Pat Utomi said in an interview.
  • Vietnam's imports of pesticide rise 7.5 pct in Q1, mostly from China

    CHINA, 2017/04/07 Vietnam's imports of pesticide reached some 180 million U.S. dollars in the initial quarter of 2017, up 7.5 % year-on-year, the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development said on Monday. During the period, China came top as the major supplier of Vietnam, accounting for over 50 % of the spending.
  • Kenyan officials benefit from Chinese-funded training on rice production

    CHINA, 2016/03/23 Gladys Mwafungo, a senior agricultural officer in Kenya's coastal county of Kilifi and her five colleagues have sharpened their skills in rice production thanks to a two month training program sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce in June last year. During an interview with Xinhua on Sunday evening, Mwafungo said her study tour to China's Yuan Longping Agricultural Hitech Institute exposed her to cutting edge technologies on production of hybrid rice. "I went to China mid last year for an exchange program on hybrid rice production sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce. The two month training focused on technologies used in production of high yielding rice varieties," said Mwafungo.
  • China aims to increase Africa's expertise in novel bamboo products

    CHINA, 2015/12/15 China aims to increase Africa's expertise in novel bamboo products through a new knowledge exchange network, it was announced at the COP 21 summit. The country plans to team up with African states to start a partnership that would see knowledge about bamboo growth and products, such as bamboo-based biofuels and charcoal briquettes, transferred to other bamboo-growing nations. The partnership, which was launched at an event on 9 December in Paris, France, will be overseen by INBAR, a China-based intergovernmental organisation that seeks to use bamboo and rattan to reduce poverty and environmental damage. Part of a 20 billion renminbi (US$3.1 billion) fund that China launched in  September to increase South-South cooperation on climate change will be spent on the initiative.
  • China gives Rwanda CFA Franc 5 billion to promote bamboo culture

    CHINA, 2013/05/16 Bamboo culture Rwanda - China is to give Rwanda CFA Franc 5 billion to support the African country in its bid to process and promote the bamboo culture. Quoting diplomatic sources here, PANA reported that an agreement to that result was signed between the Chinese Deputy Minister of Trade and Cooperation, Li Jinzao, and top Rwandan officials.
  • Chinese state group BBCA to build maize processing factory in Brazil

    CHINA, 2013/04/28 Chinese national group BBCA is expected to invest US$320 million in building a factory to process maize in Maracaju, in the Brazilian national of Mato Grosso do Sul, under the terms of a document signed Tuesday in Beijing. Governor André Puccinelli, who signed the transaction, said that this was the biggest project carried out by a Chinese company in Mato Grosso do Sul, which was completed following three years of negotiation “mainly on a legal level.”
  • China Australia’s main client for beef and veal

    CHINA, 2013/04/28 The   general result for the month, while representative of the increase in cattle slaughter and beef production so far in 2013, fell short of half-month estimates for March, most likely due to the shorter working week for Easter. Australia’s beef and veal exports for March increased 5% year-on-year, to 87,742 tonnes swt, with the Chinese market again setting a monthly record high, at 12,320 tonnes swt (Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries).
  • The full palm oil storage tanks at the Chinese ports

    CHINA, 2012/12/25 The full palm oil storage tanks at the Chinese ports near Guangzhou and Shanghai are bad news for small Indonesian farmers like Sugang Suprayetno. Farm-gate prices for palm oil in his village of Pulo Dogom on Sumatra have fallen by additional than a third over the past months as Chinese and Indian request for commodities has shrunk in line with slowing increase in the large Asian economies.
  • legislation on the management of genetically modified (GMO)

    CHINA, 2011/02/15 China's National People's Congress, or parliament, is proposing legislation on the management of genetically modified (GMO) food, the official Xinhua news agency said in a statement seen on Monday. The legislation will cover the import and export of GMO food and production, development and research of GMO grains. China's Ministry of Environmental Protection is preparing a law on in general GMO safety, while parliament's agriculture and rural affairs committee is proposing a law specifically about GMO food, Xinhua said, without saying at the same time as it may become law.
  • Leads decline in world rural poverty (7/12/2010)

    CHINA, 2010/12/07 China has led a dramatic decline in rural poverty rates in a lot of parts of the world over the completed decade, a statement released on Monday by the UN's International Fund for Agricultural Development showed. The decline is mainly due to increased production and higher levels of private investment in the farming sector, inclunding increased urbanisation across the developing world, economists from the Rome-based IFAD said.