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Agriculture in Sudan

  • Africa's Economic Future Depends on Its Farms

    BOTSWANA, 2017/10/16 At the same time as the economies of Nigeria and South Africa recently rebounded, it wasn't oil or minerals that did the trick. It was agriculture. Faster and additional sustainable agricultural increase is crucial not only to the continent's economy, but as well to its ability to feed and employ its surging people. Agriculture still accounts for a quarter of gross domestic product and as much as two-thirds of employment in sub-Saharan Africa. In fact, agricultural increase has the biggest impact on non-farm gain and reducing poverty.
  • Will Saudi agricultural investments in Sudan leave Egypt high and dry?

    EGYPT, 2016/01/11 Riyadh has been encouraging Saudi investors to pump additional money into Sudan in conjunction with Sudan’s participation in the Saudi-led intervention against the Houthis in Yemen. From presently on internal reports prepared by Egypt’s Water Resources and Irrigation Ministry, along with the Agriculture and Land Reclamation Ministry, confirm that Sudan is by presently using its entire allotment of Nile water, according to a government official briefed on the issue who spoke to Al-Monitor on condition of anonymity.
  • What is the possibility of Sudan one day becoming the breadbasket of the Arab world?

    SUDAN, 2015/01/08 There are an estimated 200 million acres of land in Sudan, 70% of which is not being utilized. This is why the Government has identified the agriculture and livestock sector as being one of the majority significant sectors, and it is playing a vital role in food security and employment opportunities and is making a direct contribution to poverty and social development. It by presently employs 80% of the Sudanese workforce, and accounts for almost 40% of GDP. One of the biggest players in the agriculture in Sudan is Kenana Sugar Company. Managing Director Mohamed Elmardi Eltigani speaks to AFA Press about the agriculture industry, Kenana and its entry into the bionenergy field, and the company’s admirable CSR work
  • Could Locusts Escalate Tensions Between the Sudans?

    SOUTH SUDAN, 2013/10/02 Whether it is disagreements over oil fees, disputes over borderlands, or accusations of fuelling rebel groups in each other’s territory, there is no shortage of tensions between Sudan and South Sudan. The rhetoric from both sides of the divide is often barbed, and relations between political figures in the two countries are ever heated and precarious. However, below the radar and far away from the corridors of power and high-level meeting rooms, there is another group of much smaller and humbler actors that may end up being central to even further tensions between the Sudans.
  • Massive sensitization campaign to encourage citizens to return to the land

    SUDAN, 2013/08/22 South Sudan president Salva Kiir Mayardit has urged national governors to declare war on poverty by engaging in a massive sensitization campaign to encourage citizens to return to the land. Speaking at a conference with Ngok Lual Yak community members in Juba, Kiir said achieving economic development in the new country required concerted efforts to combat poverty at each level. "We must start winning the war against poverty. We have resources. There is land with alluvial soil, very much fertile. Our land does not require fertilisers. It just needs the labour", Kiir said on Sunday.
  • Africa: Can Africa Satisfy Its Hunger?

    BOTSWANA, 2013/04/02 Africa frequently experiences food shortages, although its 900 million farmers could feed the continent, inclunding supplying other parts of the world. But for this to happen they need the support of politicians.