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Communication / ICT in Egypt

  • Egypt state firm entering thriving mobile sector

    EGYPT, 2017/11/29 Telecom Egypt looks to cash in on mobile sector but some fear its exemption from price hike in mobile services may be part of broader pattern of unfair privileges. As Egypt's mobile operators thrive, national-owned Telecom Egypt is entering the market in an effort to boost national revenues. In a country with additional mobile phone subscriptions than residents, Egypt's only fixed-line operator is hoping to get in on the action with its new mobile service, WE.
  • Digital IQ for African companies track global averages – but South Africa is at risk of falling behind

    BOTSWANA, 2017/10/04 Most organisations around the world have not done enough to keep up with the digital era – and leadership is falling short, with a lot of chief executives not from presently on fully engaged in the initiatives of digital transformation. African companies match their world peers in a lot of measures of Digital IQ: just over half (52%) rate their organisation’s Digital IQ as strong – a score of 70% or better. However, South African companies stand at risk, with less than half (47%) rating their organisation’s IQ over 70%. These are some of the highlights from the 10th edition of PwC’s World Digital IQ survey (, with a focus on Africa. “Digital IQ has a different meaning today than it had at the same time as PwC ( started this research a decade ago. Tielman Botha, Digital Lead for PwC South Africa, says: “Today, the scope and scale of digital-driven change has grown significantly, and organisations have invested a lot of time and money to keep up.
  • Five billion people in the world use mobile phones, 436 million in sub-Sahara Africa

    BOTSWANA, 2017/06/15 The number of mobile phone subscribers in the world has reached five billion, according to the research arm of the world mobile industry organization, GSMA. But sub-Sahara Africa is the least penetrated with 436 million incomparable subscribers, the organization says in a press release copied to The GSMA defines a ‘incomparable mobile subscriber’ as an individual person that can account for multiple ‘mobile connections’, that is SIM cards. According to GSMA Intelligence, the world’s five billion incomparable mobile subscribers today account for approximately 7.7 billion mobile connections – excluding mobile-to-mobile (M2M).
  • 3 Ways Digital Technology Can Transform Africa Into a Global Power

    BOTSWANA, 2016/11/03 Africa is home to some of the world’s greatest digital innovations. From medical applications to inventions aimed at enabling the continent’s educational system, the continent is not just experiencing a digital revolution, but it’s as well solidifying its place as world leader in science and technology. The number of young people creating life-changing digital applications in Africa continues to grow. In Mozambique, counselors are using Short Message Services to spread awareness about HIV/AIDS, while in Nigeria a Do It Yourself generator that can produce six hours of power just from a liter of urine was invented by a group of 15-year-old girls. And in Zimbabwe, a 24-year-old engineering student has managed approaching up with a machine that turns plastic into diesel.
  • 5.2% growth in GDP of telecommunications sector during first quarter of 2016

    EGYPT, 2016/08/25 The total gross domestic product (GDP) of the telecommunications and data technology sector increased by 5.2% during the initial quarter of 2015, compared to the same period last year. According to a statement by the Ministry of Communications and Data Technology, the total GDP increased from EGP 13.13bn during the initial three months of 2015 to EGP 13.8bn during the same period of 2016.

    BOTSWANA, 2016/08/13 Africa is the second-largest continent, after Asia, in size and population; located south of Europe and bordered to the west by the Atlantic Ocean and to the east by the Indian Ocean.
  • Africa,Protect Refugees With Mobile Banking

    BOTSWANA, 2016/02/08 "Mean spirited", "inhumane" and desecrating the spirit of the Refugee Convention are some of the milder criticisms levelled at Denmark's harsh new asylum laws, passed last week. Part new measures is a decision to strip new arrivals of any cash and valuables worth additional than 10,000 kroner (US$1,450), purportedly to pay for their upkeep. Switzerland and some southern German states have introduced similar policies. It's a move that reflects the fragmenting world of European migration policy, lacking in solidarity, empathy and basic human decency. But what of the financial implications for asylum seekers?
  • Facebook's Free Basics service suspended in Egypt

    EGYPT, 2016/01/02 A Facebook-sponsored service that offers limited free Internet access was suspended in Egypt on Wednesday next a permit required from the government was not renewed, an official from the Telecommunications Ministry told Reuters. Facebook's Free Basics service, which aims to provide free access to Facebook and some partner websites in developing nations, was launched in Egypt two months ago by the mobile carrier Etisalat.
  • The initiative provides scholarships to 2000 Egyptian students.

    EGYPT, 2015/11/24 Google’s initiative to train young people to develop mobile applications aims to help 2,000 graduates by October 2016, Google regional chairman in the Middle East and North Africa Mohamed Mourad said. The initial phase began with the graduation of 250 youths last week, Mourad said, noting that trainees are provided with online training courses through a specialised platform in Arabic. This helps it spread part a wider range of youths and helps develop the Arabic content, which represents only 1% of total online content. Offering the training through an online platform makes it additional available to youths, particularly with the spread of smartphones in the Egyptian market, with almost 50m devices, he said. About 75% of beneficiaries of the programme so far are university students, with 100 graduates provided the luck to study economy and business government to be able to start their own businesses.
  • State-owned Telecom Egypt's head, Mohamed Salem, quit on Saturday

    EGYPT, 2015/09/20 The chairman of the national-owned landline monopoly Telecom Egypt, Mohamed Salem, resigned on Saturday following the appointment of Yasser El-Kady to chief the Ministry of Communications and Data Technology in the new cabinet which was sworn in this morning. In an email sent to his employees, and published by Egyptian newspaper Al Mal, Salem explained that an "unfriendly working environment," part other issues, forced him to resign.