Communication / ICT in Côte d'Ivoire

  • Digital IQ for African companies track global averages – but South Africa is at risk of falling behind

    BOTSWANA, 2017/10/04 Most organisations around the world have not done enough to keep up with the digital era – and leadership is falling short, with a lot of chief executives not from presently on fully engaged in the initiatives of digital transformation. African companies match their world peers in a lot of measures of Digital IQ: just over half (52%) rate their organisation’s Digital IQ as strong – a score of 70% or better. However, South African companies stand at risk, with less than half (47%) rating their organisation’s IQ over 70%. These are some of the highlights from the 10th edition of PwC’s World Digital IQ survey (, with a focus on Africa. “Digital IQ has a different meaning today than it had at the same time as PwC ( started this research a decade ago. Tielman Botha, Digital Lead for PwC South Africa, says: “Today, the scope and scale of digital-driven change has grown significantly, and organisations have invested a lot of time and money to keep up.
  • Five billion people in the world use mobile phones, 436 million in sub-Sahara Africa

    BOTSWANA, 2017/06/15 The number of mobile phone subscribers in the world has reached five billion, according to the research arm of the world mobile industry organization, GSMA. But sub-Sahara Africa is the least penetrated with 436 million incomparable subscribers, the organization says in a press release copied to The GSMA defines a ‘incomparable mobile subscriber’ as an individual person that can account for multiple ‘mobile connections’, that is SIM cards. According to GSMA Intelligence, the world’s five billion incomparable mobile subscribers today account for approximately 7.7 billion mobile connections – excluding mobile-to-mobile (M2M).
  • 3 Ways Digital Technology Can Transform Africa Into a Global Power

    BOTSWANA, 2016/11/03 Africa is home to some of the world’s greatest digital innovations. From medical applications to inventions aimed at enabling the continent’s educational system, the continent is not just experiencing a digital revolution, but it’s as well solidifying its place as world leader in science and technology. The number of young people creating life-changing digital applications in Africa continues to grow. In Mozambique, counselors are using Short Message Services to spread awareness about HIV/AIDS, while in Nigeria a Do It Yourself generator that can produce six hours of power just from a liter of urine was invented by a group of 15-year-old girls. And in Zimbabwe, a 24-year-old engineering student has managed approaching up with a machine that turns plastic into diesel.

    BOTSWANA, 2016/08/13 Africa is the second-largest continent, after Asia, in size and population; located south of Europe and bordered to the west by the Atlantic Ocean and to the east by the Indian Ocean.
  • Africa,Protect Refugees With Mobile Banking

    BOTSWANA, 2016/02/08 "Mean spirited", "inhumane" and desecrating the spirit of the Refugee Convention are some of the milder criticisms levelled at Denmark's harsh new asylum laws, passed last week. Part new measures is a decision to strip new arrivals of any cash and valuables worth additional than 10,000 kroner (US$1,450), purportedly to pay for their upkeep. Switzerland and some southern German states have introduced similar policies. It's a move that reflects the fragmenting world of European migration policy, lacking in solidarity, empathy and basic human decency. But what of the financial implications for asylum seekers?
  • MTN Côte d’Ivoire Launches MTN TV on Mobile

    CôTE D'IVOIRE, 2015/03/05 Côte d’Ivoire’s unit of telco giant MTN has announced a strategic partnership with tech developer SUMMVIEW to launch of a new service called “MTN TV”, which is accessible via mobile devices. MTN says it presently offers its users the ability to access from their smartphones and tablets, to a set of live TV channels inclunding on-request content. Wim Vanhelleputte, CEO of MTN Côte d’Ivoire, said MTN TV expands the telecom’s range of services and mobile applications and provides its subscribers an innovative offering of quality content, data inclunding entertainment on mobile. “By deploying this new service, MTN continues its actions to offer its customers a new digital world and contributes to the emergence of a digital Ivory Coast,” he said.
  • Globacom is reported to be eyeing Comium Cote d’Ivoire as a possible acquisition target

    ABIDJAN, 2014/10/11 As with all these things, there are two sides to the balance sheet. In the deficit column Comium is reported to have debts of some XOF 60 billion (USD120.7 million). If Glo was the only interested party, again that would be a positive, but Airtel is as well reportedly in talks with Nizar Dalloul, the Lebanese founder of the Comium Group, so it could still be a two-horse - or additional - race. However, on the investment side in mid-2013 it was estimated to have some 1.5 million mobile subscribers representing a market share of 8 %. At the end of 2012 it was reported to have just 270 post-paid subscribers, the remainder being pre-paid. It as well has established network infrastructure, so Glo is spared the long delays associated with a new licence - something it will want to avoid given its experience in Ghana, where its network launch was much delayed. Having launched with a modern network and direct access to its submarine cable, it has still failed to dent the share of the major players. At the turn of the year Glo was blaming its resellers for its failure - a clear case of shooting the messenger if there ever was one.
  • Abidjan 'Web Mayor' Dreams of Online El Dorado

    ABIDJAN, 2013/06/17  Ivory Coast's initial-ever elected "Web Mayor" was officially sworn-in on Friday by a group of computer-technology enthusiasts hoping to shed the country's reputation for cybercrime and make Abidjan the continent's new tech hub. Kneeling on the floor and surrounded by a team of advisers, Emmanuel Assouan, clad in a dark suit and red necktie, places one hand on an iPad and reads aloud the oath of office.
  • Orange, IHS Pen Tower Leasing Agreement

    ABIDJAN, 2013/04/09 Cote d’Ivoire Telecom, Orange Cote d’Ivoire and Orange Cameroon, subsidiaries of France Telecom-Orange, have signed an agreement with IHS, a major mobile infrastructure operator in Africa, for the operation of all the subsidiaries’ towers in Cote d’Ivoire and Cameroon which is expected to improve mobile networks in both countries.
  • DOCOMO interTouch To Connect Sofitel Abidjan Hôtel Ivoire

    ABIDJAN, 2012/12/31  DOCOMO interTouch of the world's major hotel technology service providers for the world hospitality industry, has announced a partnership with Accor to provide high speed wired and wireless internet to its newly-contracted Hôtel Ivoire in Abidjan. Accor, owner of the luxury Sofitel brand, will work with DOCOMO interTouch to provide a full suite of integrated solutions to the west African hotel. The hotel will be officially renamed the Sofitel Abidjan Hôtel Ivoire on January 1, 2013 and is currently undergoing an extensive renovation and rebranding programme, bringing it into line with Sofitel standards.