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Real Estate in Algeria

  • Africa property offers rich pickings for the brave

    BOTSWANA, 2017/08/20 Some property pundits believe there are major opportunities for investors or companies on the continent. While most pundits will acknowledge that the saying “Africa is not for sissies” rings authentic at the same time as it comes to property investment , some commentators believe that there are major opportunities for investors on the continent.
  • Construction quality control in every wilaya

    ALGERIA, 2012/12/19 To adequately cover the whole country, the national organisation is divided into major territorial bases: North, South, East, West, and the additional industrialised Centre, or ‘Chlef’ region. Each wilaya (territory) has at least agency, with additional offices in larger cities, such as Algiers which has branches, to meet request. “We act like a quality control office, such as Bureau Veritas,” says Mohamed Cherif, CEO of the CTC Centre. “Our major mission is to control a project from upstream to downstream. First the project’s conception and design are looked at and then we give our quality stamp on the execution plan; these steps represent the study stage. The second phase is the implementation of the project. We intervene to check the work on site complies with the plans we approved.”
  • Real estate development in Algeria

    ALGERIA, 2012/12/19 Amount construction was a national monopoly – from land acquisition and project evaluation to environmental impact studies, building and delivery to the buyer. A law in 1986 changed this landscape, opening the door to the private sector and allowing it to participate in real estate projects and help raise the supply of housing in a country where request vastly outstripped supply.