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Real Estate in Gabon

  • Africa property offers rich pickings for the brave

    BOTSWANA, 2017/08/20 Some property pundits believe there are major opportunities for investors or companies on the continent. While most pundits will acknowledge that the saying “Africa is not for sissies” rings authentic at the same time as it comes to property investment , some commentators believe that there are major opportunities for investors on the continent.
  • Gabon moves to solve housing deficit

    GABON, 2016/06/19 With general elections scheduled for late August, the government of Gabon is looking to accelerate evolution on building social housing units to narrow the country’s sizeable housing gap. The level of urbanisation in Gabon – the highest in Africa at 86.9% in 2014 – has outpaced residential real estate development, resulting in an estimated housing deficit of around 200,000 units, inclunding 160,000 in Libreville alone. In response, President Ali Bongo Ondimba’s government has declared housing a key priority in terms of capital spending, pledging to construct some 35,000 affordable homes over seven years, although the roll out of new housing stock has faced delays.
  • Gabon: Facilitating housing projects 2012-07-19

    GABON, 2012/07/19