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Real Estate in Seychelles

  • Africa property offers rich pickings for the brave

    BOTSWANA, 2017/08/20 Some property pundits believe there are major opportunities for investors or companies on the continent. While most pundits will acknowledge that the saying “Africa is not for sissies” rings authentic at the same time as it comes to property investment , some commentators believe that there are major opportunities for investors on the continent.
  • Introduction of Seychelles flights has made Indian Ocean country attractive to Chinese

    SEYCHELLES, 2013/07/22 A developer from Seychelles, the island country where Prince William and his wife, Kate, spent their honeymoon, hopes to lure Hong Kong and mainland property investors into buying homes on the tropical island located off the east coast of Africa. "We're looking to expand the market here. The introduction of regular flights from Hong Kong to the Seychelles has made that a bit easier," said Craig Heeger, executive chairman of residential marina development Eden Island. Located in the Indian Ocean northeast of Madagascar, the Seychelles archipelago has 115 islands famed for their beaches and marine parks. The country has a people of 91,000 and enjoys a warm and humid climate all year round.