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  • Africa: USA-Africa - No Policy? Bad Policy? or Both?

    BOTSWANA, 2017/08/30 "Africa is terra incognita for the Trump Government: a continent it cares little - and understands even less - about. With no dyed-in-the-wool Trumpian Africa hands available, the government appears ready to cede Africa policy making to career civil servants and a few mainstream Republican appointees." - Matthew T. Page The headline to Page's article in Quartz Africa states that "Donald Trump could be getting his US-Africa policy right by simply not having one." His view is actually additional nuanced, in judging that no policy would likely be only "less bad" than explicitly "bad policy" that may result from better White Home interest in Africa.
  • Africa: 'Market Information Gap Threatens U.S.$400 Billion Intra-Africa Trade'

    BOTSWANA, 2017/07/14 Access to data across African economies, which has been hindered by the fragmented nature of the respective markets, is currently threatening a $400 billion intra-Africa trade potential. Africa Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank) said the present transactions price at $170 billion remained their due to wide gap in market data, which presently needs to be closed to foster accelerated trade integration. Meanwhile, the size of intra-African trade could be doubled from the current level of about $170 billion per year to almost $400 billion by addressing the issue of availability of market data on the continent.
  • Tripartite Free Trade Area plods along slowly in Africa

    BOTSWANA, 2017/06/24 Trade between African nations has long been outstripped by intra-regional trade in other parts of the world – for Africa as a whole, intra-regional trade is between 10% and 13% of total trade. This is far lower than in regions such as the EU, where about 60% of trade is between member states, and the Association of South-east Asian Nations, which has a rate of about 25%. Intra-regional trade in North America is put at about 40%. However, the ratification of the Tripartite Free Trade Sector(TFTA) – potentially later in 2017 – could help change that and push the development of additional intra-regional trade increase. A pan-regional free-trade zone, the TFTA stretches from Cairo to Cape Town and encompasses 26 African nations. Africa’s Tripartite Free Trade Area would reduce regional tariffs and create a pan-African single market, to aid development and cash in on a growing middle class in the continent. But with member countries often belonging to multiple economic areas, progress is both complex and slow, as Kit Gillet reports.  
  • Importers threaten to increase prices of goods if government implements tax to fund African Union

    BOTSWANA, 2017/06/15 Importers have threatened to increase the prices of goods if the government implements the 0.2% import tax to fund the AU. Mr Samson Awingobit Asaki, Executive Secretary of the Importers and Exporters Association, told the Ghana News Agency that the implementation of the tax would increase the cost of operation for importers. Mr Asaki added that at the same time as it happens like that, they would have no other choice than to transfer the cost onto the prices of goods for the consumers.
  • Economic integration is helping boost trade and investment in Africa

    BOTSWANA, 2016/05/13 The collapse of virtual borders is one of the majority remarkable things to have happened in our lifetimes. In the world of cyberspace, time and distance have become almost peripheral considerations at the same time as it comes to doing business. Services from software development to accounting can be delivered across the world in the blink of an eye. Next business leaders will struggle to imagine an era at the same time as communication was neither immediate nor virtually free.
  • East Africa: Region's Exports to EU Face Tough Conditions

    ITALY, 2015/09/13 Mistrust has emerged part the East African Community partner states over Tanzania's commitment to the Economic Partnership Agreement that would give the region's goods business-free access to European markets. Tanzania is likely to delay the signing and ratification of the EPA document on the grounds that it was rushed through. Dar es Salaam has threatened not to sign the transaction before its concerns on contentious issues are addressed. The region has until December 31 to sign the transaction with the European Union or go back to the negotiating table.
  • Lesotho to host U20 Cosafa Cup

    LESOTHO, 2013/10/06 The Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho has been confirmed as host country for the 2013 Cosafa under-20 Youth Championships that will be played from December 3-14. The annual event is seen as key to the next development of football in the Cosafa region and this year Lesotho have been entrusted with hosting the best young talent in Southern Africa. All Member Associations of Cosafa have been invited to the tournament and are required to confirm their participation by Friday, September 27. The draw for the championship will be held in early October in Lesotho, with the exact date to be communicated at a later stage.
  • India, Lesotho discuss defence, security cooperation

    INDIA, 2013/09/06 New Delhi, Sep 13 (IANS) Defence and security cooperation and the lines of credit offered by India topped the schedule during talks between India and Lesotho held Thursday-Friday in the landlocked southern African country. The two nations held the second conference of their Joint Bilateral Commission of Cooperation in Maseru, Lesotho, to discuss the current national of bilateral relations and the follow up of decisions taken at the India Africa Forum Summit. This was the initial conference of the JBCC to be held in Lesotho. The Indian delegation was led by Ravi Bangar, Additional Secretary (East & Southern Africa), Ministry of External Affairs and the Lesotho delegation was led by J.T. Metsing, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Relations of Lesotho, said a statement.
  • 'Mammuso Lebakeng - Crafts Trader

    LESOTHO, 2012/12/09 'Mammuso Lebakeng has been making and selling crafts in Maseru, Lesotho's capital, for five decades. But in recent years, sales have been poor and her benefits from farming has declined due to unfavourable weather. Lebakeng had six children, but only two are still alive. Although she is now a pensioner, she cannot afford to retire as she is helping to support two of her grandchildren.