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Togo: Togo Tourism Profile


 Togo lake
Though Togo may take up only a sliver of the West African coastline, it has become one of the majority popular destinations on the continent. There is nothing small about what this country and its people have to offer visitors.
Despite decades under the policy of one of Africa’s longest-serving leaders, Gnassingbé Eyadéma, Togo’s culture, with its distinctly Francophone flavor, has remained as rich and enticing as ever. From pristine coastlines to lush rain forests and untouched, sun-scorched savannas, Togo is as topographically varied as its people are culturally diverse: Togo has almost 40 different ethnic groups. It is the perfect destination for the adventurous soul looking to experience West Africa. Travelers can learn about ancient voodoo rituals and medicine, shop in vibrant fabric markets, and explore mystical forests. You will fall in love with the colors, sights, sounds, and tastes of Togo.

Togo seeks to strengthen bilateral relations

Togo has recently been embarking on a campaign of measures aimed at deepening bilateral economic and political relations with various countries around the world. The government is seeking bilateral relations to help it foster cooperation in the fields of economic trade and investment as well as to exchange knowledge with the aim of developing its travel and tourism industry. Some of the countries Togo is currently pursuing bilateral relations with include the US, China and India. Togo already enjoys favourable bilateral ties with other African nations such as Ghana, Ethiopia and Uganda. The strengthening of bilateral cooperation with countries outside of Africa is expected to assist Togo as the country aims to become more open and seeks to engage economically and socially at global level.

Stable political climate boosts travel and tourism growth

The favourable socio-political situation in Togo has not only helped to revive the country’s struggling travel and tourism industry, but it is also boosting growth in the nation’s economy in general. After years of political instability and social unrest, the country is now enjoying a relatively stable political environment thanks to the strong efforts of the government to maintain peace and normality. The return of a peaceful socio-political climate has helped to improve the inflow of foreign direct investment (FDI) into Togo and is also serving to attract higher numbers of international tourists to the country, boosting travel and tourism revenues in the process.

Government working to overcome negative international image

Togo is still experiencing the adverse effects of negative publicity at international level due to its unstable socio-political history. Despite being politically stable since 2006, the rather negative image which Togo has in the international media continues to exert a negative influence over its travel and tourism industry as well as Togo’s economy generally. In order to overcome this unfortunate situation, the government has strengthened its efforts to promote the country as a safe and secure tourist destination. Apart from undertaking travel and tourism promotion at regional level, the government of Togo has also participated in several international travel and tourism trade fairs such as ITB Berlin and FITUR Madrid in a bid to market the country’s travel and tourism products and services to potential inbound tourists. This has helped to alter some of the negative perceptions of Togo as an international tourist destination.

Potential opportunities for ecotourism development

Nature-based tourism has huge potential for high growth in Togo. The country has a wide range of natural resources which have lain dormant and untapped for decades, ranging from pristine forests and an abundance of wildlife to its beautiful coastline and tropical oceans. Over the review period, the Togolese government has been embarking on measures to protect and conserve important sites of natural beauty whilst encouraging sustainable tourism developments across the country. The Togolese government has concentrated its efforts on the protection of natural areas such as the Abdoulaye Faunal Reserve and the Kéran National Park. However, initiatives such as identifying and developing new opportunities for outdoor recreation are still needed if more eco-tourists are to be attracted to Togo.

Bright outlook for Togo’s travel and tourism industry

Togo’s travel and tourism industry has the potential to boost the economic growth and create significant numbers of jobs over the forecast period. The ongoing peace and stability in Togo is likely to encourage more international visitors to travel to the country. As the Togolese government continues to seek bilateral relations and continues to promote the development of travel and tourism in Togo, it still needs to engage in stronger efforts to increase investment in travel and tourism marketing as well as better collaboration across various government sectors. In addition, the development of Togo’s travel and tourism infrastructure will also be vital to sustaining growth in the country’s travel and tourism industry. The Togolese government would be well advised to focus also on the medium to long-term rather than embarking on temporary measures if the anticipated improvements for the country’s economic situation are to eventuate.