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Solomon Islands Education Profile 2012

Before the fall of the Somali state in 1990, the European Commission (EC) played an active role in developing Education in Somalia and facilitated primary and secondary school development.

However since 1993, the EC Somalia Unit, which is a unit of the Regional Delegation of the European Commission in Kenya has provided much of the resources for education in the country by developing a programme which would enable the Somalis to create a sustainable education system through community participation. Since 1996 the EC has invested about 20 million Euros allocated towards education in Somalia. Primary schools in Somalia have nearly doubled since 1991, without the direct involvement of central government.

The Somali Ministry of Education is responsible for all of its schools and teacher training programmes although the Ministry of Higher Education and Culture oversees secondary teacher training colleges, the Somali Academy for Science and Arts and the National Museum and Library. Theoretically around 15% of the state budget is allocated to education.