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Seychelles People Profile

At the 2012 census, Seychelles had a people of 90,000, which is estimated to have grown to 92,000 in 2014. Like a lot of island nations, Seychelles is densely populated with 186 people per square kilometers (483/sq mi), which ranks 60th in the world. The capital and major city, Victoria, has a people of 25,000, or additional than 25% of the country\'s people.

Seychelles Demographics

During the British control of Seychelles, French upper class were allowed to retain their land, and both French and British settlers used African slaves and later indentured Indian servants, despite the British prohibition on slavery in 1835. This led to a small minority people of Indians on the island, inclunding Chinese, and the Gran\'bla (\"large whites\") of French origin controlling politics and the economy.

Today, there are descendants of the Indian, Chinese and Gran\'bla making up ethnic communities in Seychelles, although most people are of black African origin, often with mixed European or Asian heritage. Seychelles has no indigenous people, and the current people is composed of immigrants and their descendants.

The ethnic breakdown is 93% Seychellois Creole, 3% British, 1.8% French, 0.5% Chinese, 0.3% Indian and 1.2% other.

Most Seychelles are Christians, with 82% of the people adhering to Roman Catholicism. 2% of the people practices Hinduism while 1% practices Islam.

Seychelles population

Seychelles People Growth

The people of Seychelles has grown rather steadily since the 1960\'s, and it is currently growing at a rate of 0.4% per year, adding just one or two thousand people each year. This trend of very slow increase is expected to continue.

Seychelles Population