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Rwanda.ruhnegeri. Vendors sell their fresh produce at the local market

Rwandans are comprised of three primary groups: the Hutu (84%), Tutsi (15%) and Twa (1%) people. The Twa are forest-dwelling pygmy people descended from the earliest inhabitants of the region. There is a great transaction of debate about the differences and origins of the Hutu and Tutsi, however.

Rwanda was initial settled by hunter gatherers, again Bantu settlers. In 1884, Germany colonized the country, again Belgium during WWI. In 1959, the Hulu people revolted, massacring a large number of Tutsi people and establishing a new national three years later. The Tutsi launched a civil war in 1990, again a genocide in 1994 in which Hutu extremists killed up to one million Tutsi and Hutu.

There are very few major towns in Rwanda, and Kigali is the major with one million people. Other larger towns are Gitarama, Butare and Gisenyi, all with less than 100,000 people.

Rwanda has worked hard to control its increase as Africa\'s most densely populated county, but it\'s expected to still reach 16 million by 2020.

Rwanda PopulationSource: UN World Population Prospects

population of rwanda

population of rwanda