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Poland Communication Profile 2012

Poland - Convergence - Triple Play & Digital TV
Poland's broadcasting market is transforming under the weight of competition and technological convergence; Broadcasting network operators and telecom service providers have launched competing triple play offerings. Digital TV is widely available via cable, satellite, broadband TV (IPTV) and terrestrial TV; with a number of new market entrants.

Poland - Key Statistics, Regulatory & Fixed Line Telecoms
Poland's developing telecom market has been the basis of the country's impressive growth in the broadband, convergence and mobile markets.

Poland - Mobile Market

 Poland possesses a well developed mobile market with high mobile ownership levels although penetration levels suggest multiple SIM card ownership. Four mobile network operators offer services along with a number of mobile virtual network operators.

Average Revenue per User levels have stabilised after falling in recent years due to retail tariff competition and the uptake of mobile services by lower spending consumer segments of the market. Also placing pressure on ARPU levels are regulatory-enforced cuts in mobile termination rates for all three SMP mobile network operators. All four mobile network operators offer 3G services, with mobile broadband and content seen as the next growth market given low penetration of existing mobile data services.

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