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Niger: Niger People Profile


Fulani woman has walked to Torodi,Niger from a village

The total population in Niger was last recorded at 17.1 million people in 2012 from 3.3 million in 1960, changing 427% during the last 50 years. Population in Niger is reported by the Institut National de la Statistique.

From 1960 until 2012, Niger Population averaged 8.0 Million reaching an all time high of 17.1 Million in December of 2012 and a record low of 3.3 Million in December of 1960. The population of Niger represents 0.23 percent of the world´s total population which arguably means that one person in every 434 people on the planet is a resident of Niger. 

The current population of Niger is the result of the migration and the interbreeding of various ethnic groups, which can be recognised today by their language and not by a given geographical area. These groups are: Hausa, Zarma, Peul, Touareg, Kanouri, Toubou, Arab, Gourmantché, Boudouma and Issawghans which make up a population of approximately 11 000 000 inhabitants.

Two thirds of Nigeriens live below the poverty line and 80%25 of the population is illiterate.
The population is spread out differently across the country. It is greater and denser in the South than in the North, with an average population density of 7 inhabitants per Km2.

A breakdown of the population per ethnic group can be seen as follows:
Haoussa: 54%25, Djerma Songhaï: 19%25, Touaregs: 10%25, Peuls: 8.5%25, Kanouri 4.6%25, Arabs: 0.3, Gourmantché: 0.3%25 and a presence of Boudouma and Issawghans.

Official language: French
Demographic growth: 3.3% per year
Religions: 98% Muslim
Urbanisation rate: 20.6%25; 29.6%25 expected in 2015
Human Development Index (United Nations Development Programme): 0.277 (172nd position out of 173)
Life expectancy: 45.2 years old
Population aged under 15 years old: 49.9%
Adult literacy rate: 15.9%
Gross rate of combined schooling (primary and secondary): 16%25
Primary schooling rate: 26%25
Infant mortality rate: 159 out of 1 000
Mortality rate for children aged under 5 years old: 270 out of 1 000
Poverty: 63%25 of the population lives below the poverty line. 85%25 of the population lives from under two dollars per day.
Access to a fixed water supply: 59%25 of the population