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Libya Transportation Profile 2012

Libya’s location in the heart of North Africa, on the southern shore of the Mediterranean, means many possibilities for transforming the country into a transportation corridor. The government is working to upgrade airports, build roads and develop new ports. Foreign companies are already taking advantage of a wide range of opportunities for investment and collaboration. Opportunities include a $400m new airport in Benghazi, upgrades to 13 other airports, a new port at Sirte and Libya’s first railway network. Aviation, in particular, stands to benefit from Libya’s renewed international involvement. Years of pent-up demand for high-tech equipment and aircraft caused by the US ban on exports to the country are providing opportunities to investors.

The quality and scope of existing infrastructure cannot meet rapidly increasing demand for significant upgrades and new construction, but a massive infrastructure investment plan, mentioned above, spells out the priorities and investments needed in housing, utilities, transport, power, and information and communications technology in coming years. Major transport projects are being studied or built, including the new USD 2.1 billion Tripoli International Airport due to be completed in 2011.

This should strengthen Libya’s position as a North African aviation hub. The Tripoli Underground Railway Project will feature 73 stations and close to 100 kilometres of railway. In light of the increase in cultural and historical tourism, airport development has also started. There are major expansion plans for airports in Benghazi, although no timeframe and financial information is available.

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