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India: India’s BAJAJ Auto Launches New Motorbike in Egypt


A new step for Indian investments in Egypt

New Indian motorbike with Egyptian specifications for SMEs

Bajaj Auto, India’s leading motorcycle and 3 wheelers manufacturer will launch in a few days, a new 150 CC motorbike in the Egyptian market, serving the middle and low-income classes and helping them accomplish business and professional purposes and small projects which will improve their living conditions

The new bike features the widest seat for a motorcycle which easily accommodates passengers in a comfortable way in addition to their luggage along with an enforced structure compared to other vehicles in the market where the bike is designed specifically to deal with rough terrain and high temperatures without hardship. The bike also features a new engine capacity of 150 cc with exhausTec technology proving to be an environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient bike consuming one liter of fuel per 60 km. The design of the new bike, in accordance with the requirements of the Egyptian market, makes it a safe and distinct motorcycle, stable on the road and a reliable in the toughest conditions of transport and travel.

Bajaj Auto has realized that consumers in rural areas will play an important role of the total sales of the new bike which is capable of grabbing the attention of the rural population to the importance of using the bike in doing daily tasks, and travelling between villages and small harsh roads.

Bajaj vehicles are assembled and marketed by Ghabbour Auto, the leading automobile company of Egypt and have extensive network of branches & dealers across Egypt.

The launch of Bajaj for this new model reflects their desire to increase their presence in the Egyptian market during the next phase, which confirms the strength and position of Egypt on the map of the global economy due to its enormous economic potential to hold a privileged position both regionally and internationally. The company also expressed optimism about the democratic transition experienced by Egypt at the present time, which will create a successful investment climate and a new starting point for achieving a leap in production and export.

Bajaj hopes the new motorcycle acquires the admiration of Egyptians, and beranked first in terms of distribution in Egypt.

About bajaj

Now among top 10 Business Houses in India, largest 3 wheeler Manufacturer in the world, fourth largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world, 10 Years of Presence in Egyptian Market (with TukTuk).

Bajaj is also present in more than 50 countries all over the globe. Dominant presence in Africa, Latin America and South Asia with increasing market share every year. Market leader in motorcycles in Colombia, Central America, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Philippines, Nigeria, Uganda and Kenya.


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