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The total people in Guinea was last recorded at 12.0 million people in 2014 from 3.6 million in 1960, changing 236 % during the last 50 years. People in Guinea averaged 6.55 Million from 1960 until 2014, reaching an all time high of 12.04 Million in 2014 and a record low of 3.58 Million in 1960. People in Guinea is reported by the World Bank.

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Guinea, officially the Republic of Guinea, is a country in West Africa that is sometimes called Guinea-Conakry to distinguish itself from the Republic of Equatorial Guinea and Guinea-Bissau. Guinea is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, Guinea-Bissau, Senegal, Mali, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Ivory Coast. In 2014, Guinea has an estimated people of 12.3 million in 2015, which ranks 74th in the world.

Guinea's people has grown from just 8.7 million in 2000 to about 12.3 million in the course of 15 years. Guinea has almost 246,000 square kilometers of land with a people density of 41 people per square kilometer (106/sq mi).

Guinea Demographics

There are 24 ethnic groups in Guinea. The major group is the Fula (40%), who live mostly in the Fouta Djallon region in central Guinea. The Mandingo account for 30% and live mostly in eastern Guinea. The Susa (20%) live in the coastal area of northwestern Guinea. The people living the the Guinee forestiere region in the southern part of the country are made up of a lot of minority ethnic groups, inclunding the Koniake (a sub-group of the Mandinka), Kissi, Guerze, Diakhanke (a sub-group of the Mandinka), Loma, Kuranko, Yalunka, and Gberese. There are as well about 10,000 non-Africans in Guinea.

The predominant religion is Islam, practiced by about 85% of the people, followed by Christian (8%) and traditional beliefs (7%).

Guinea has one of the lowest literacy rates in the world with less than 30% of adults literate in 2003. Primary education is compulsory for just eight years, and most children do not attend for long or ever go to school.

French is the official language, although additional than 24 indigenous languages are spoken in Guinea.

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