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Equatorial guinea Geography Profile 2012

Equatorial Guinea, a former Spanish Guinea, consists of Rio Muni (10,045 square miles, 26,117 km ²), on the west coast of Africa, and several islands in the Gulf of Guinea, the largest of which is Bioko (formerly Fernando Po) (785 sq mi, 2,033 km ²).

The other islands are Annobon, Corisco, Great Elobey and Elobey Chico. The total area is twice that of Connecticut.



Western Africa, bordering the Bight of Biafra, between Cameroon and Gabon

Geographic coordinates: 

2 00 N, 10 00 E

Map references: 


Area comparative: 

slightly smaller than Maryland

Land boundaries Total: 

539 km

Land boundaries Note: 


tropical; always hot, humid


coastal plains rise to interior hills; islands are volcanic

Natural resources: 

petroleum, natural gas, timber, gold, bauxite, diamonds, tantalum, sand and gravel, clay

Natural hazards: 

violent windstorms; flash floods

Environment - current issues: 

tap water is not potable; deforestation

Geography note: 

insular and continental regions widely separated